Cedar Falls 6-11-11

test and tune at CFRW 6-11-11

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Cedar Falls 05-08-10
Cedar Falls Raceway

Wheelie Drag Cars in HD at Cedar Falls Raceway Night Of Fire 2012
Cedar Falls Raceway Night Of Fire, the driver was okay. Buick GS crash July 2012 NHRA

🇬🇧 16 Spitfires Flying Together, The Sound of Victory " Goosebumps "
This was a fantastic sight and sound, as sixteen Spitfires flew in formation.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere Satellite Convertible Hurst Blu
An amazing survivor of the horsepower wars! Performance 426 engines were retrofitted at the factory and gave anywhere from 365 to 415 horsepower, depending on configuration. Also available was the 426 hemi. This car is fitted with a Hurst linkage, 4 speed manual. Everything about the car is great...a testimony to Chrysler's history of performance cars!