My 93 Ford Ranger with a 302

My 93 Ford Ranger with a 302

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96 ranger big block 390
havin fun wrecking some perfectly good slicks with my big block ranger

Ranger 5.0 5 Speed Running It Through The Gears Classic G-Body Garage
Running the Ranger throught the gears for the first time this year. Unfortunately its off to storage but happy it won't sit outside any more.

1984 302 ford ranger
f303 cam, true duals with super 44 flowmasters

A BIT UNSTABLE Ford Ranger Big BLOCK FORD 606 big block
Filmed at San Antonio, Mud Drags. Check em out at Wild Ranger, this guy had one killer set up. With the fiber glass baja fenders front and rear. To the suspension front and rear KILLER Wheels and tires combo 44" bogger Cut and Grooved. The 606ci big block roared and shocked the ground. Looking forward to getting more video of this guy in action again soon. keep on rockin SKULL CRUSHER Adventures