My 93 Ford Ranger with a 302

My 93 Ford Ranger with a 302

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Ford Ranger 5.0 Conversion SWAP Done Right
Just a quick discussion of what I consider the "right" way to do a 5.0 swap into a Ford Ranger. I discuss the few issues I had with the project, mainly involving the EVAP emissions differences between an Explorer and Ranger.

Ranger 5.0 5 Speed Running It Through The Gears Classic G-Body Garage
Running the Ranger throught the gears for the first time this year. Unfortunately its off to storage but happy it won't sit outside any more.

302 swapped ranger test and tune

1993 Ford Ranger 302 v-8 on propane
I never really got any videos with the built v-8 so here is one before I pull out this tired 302. I had some oil issues with the built 5.0l stroker, I pulled that and put in a "runner" stock early 80'