Cook racing Dave Sr. 55 T bird.

55 T Bird. Cook racing. Dave Sr.

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57 T-Bird Stick spinning them like mad
This Thunderbird was a shocker smoking the tires through the gears!

Ford Thunderbird - Bad Engine Drive Off
Franks 66er Thunderbird mit 521er Stroker. Wer mehr über den Wagen und den Motor (ca. 500 PS) erfahren möchte wendet sich an den Classic Speed Shop in Hannover:

How to Affordably Race Rally: Episode 13| 52Skillz
I went out to my the Edmonton Rally Club to learn how to drive a rally car...using my own vehicle. People used anything from 1989 Ford Probes, to 2013 Subaru Impreza STI's. It's an awesome track, and I would stongly suggest checking it out. Step 1-Own, or buy a car to race in: It doesn’t have to be expensive!! One of the top guys at the track bought his car for $650, and both my brother and I used our daily drivers (a 1989 Ford Probe and a 2007 Subaru Impreza). If that isn’t in your budget try to convince a buddy to go down with you in his car and offer to pay the registration fee. If you have neither money or friends, you may want to change how you’re approaching things in life. Step 2-Identify a Club or Place Relatively Close by that does “Rally Stuff”: Use the internet. I heard google, Facebook and things like that are a good resource. If you don’t know what those things are, you better get your shit together. Step 3-Line that shit up, and get er done: I apologize for the Larry the Cable Guy reference. It couldn’t be avoided.

Cook Racing Las Vegas Divisional 2013
David Cook Sr. and Dave Cook Jr. racing their 1955 Ford Thunderbird in Super Gas and 2002 Ford Mustang in Top Sportsman. Sponsored by K&N Engineering, Mickey Thompson Tires, Lucas Oil, Hughes Performance, and Figspeed.