Becks rollin past in the 4G63T Mitsubishi L300

Most Wanted Racing Team. This is D's Mitsubishi L300 Van. It has a freshly rebuilt VR4 bottom end in it with a Evo 3 head and turbo. Factory Evo 3 wiring loom and turbo setup. On 17" titans baby.

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L300 4WD Vans 4x4 at Lithgow's Powerline track Easter 2015
Easter was a bit wet in the Blue Mountains which made this track along the powerlines at Lithgow a bit extra muddy and slippery. Both vans have a rear air locker. The van with the mud tyres has an open front diff and auto hubs. The other van has AT tyres, locked front diff and manual hubs. Can you spot the difference? Like those vans? Join us at Facebook at 'Mitsubishi L300 Offroad' See you there!

Mitsubishi L300 4WD Van nearly rolling
Filmed by 'Puddle Jumper", thanks man! This is pretty courageous driving for someone at his first day on the tracks. To watch the view from the dash cam click Like those vans? Join us on Facebook at 'Mitsubishi L300 Offroad':

Mitsubishi D5 L300 L400 4WD vans comparo
Here is a quick comparison of the different Mistubishi vans going off-road. The L300's are from the mid 90's, the L400's from late 90's to around 2007 and the D:5 model from 2007 onwards. I know it is not a great comparison as all vehicles are driven by different drivers and some vehicles have bigger tyres and some lift. At least it gives some idea what is possible. Indeed you can really take the D:5 off-road! Filmed at Ourimbah State Forrest NSW Mitsubishi L300 Express (2x, both SWB) An Asia Rocsta (MWB) Mitsubishi D:5 Mitsubishi Delica L400 (SWB) Mitsubishi Delica L400 (LWB) See you at Instagram @Wombat4x4 or Facebook at the L300 Offroad or Delica groups

Mitsubishi L300 after "Clean Turbo" install
This is a less than 2 minute video showing a "Clean turbo" cleaning up the Exhaust of a Mitsubishi L300 after years of use and a heavy amount of carbon build-up in the engine. The "Clean turbo" was installed and immediately after, the engine was started and this video was captured. No modifications were done to the engine other than leaving off the air filter hose.