The 21st Century Continental series Bentley has been a smashing success. In the process of selling over 27,000 coupes, sedans, and convertibles it has established and defined a market niche. The Contis potent combination of hand worked, sybaritic luxury for four pampered occupants and twelve-cylinder, 552hp punch, harnessed by all-wheel drive, make it the answer to the question of which single vehicle would be best to own. NiceDrivz celebrates with this video tribute to the marques Winged B logo.

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2009 BMW M3 Convertible
Individually, sportscars and convertibles are great. But the extra weight and loss of rigidity that come with chopping the top have--at least until now--made the open air M3 a bit of a poseur's car. NiceDrivz's Isaac Bouchard tries out the latest version to see if BMW has got it right this time.

Fifth Gear - Bentley Continental GT
Top Gear - Bentley Continental GT


DRIVE Bentley Continental Supersports
So the standard Bentley Continental GT is too tame for you, huh? Then step up to the Continental Supersports. Not only is it fast, it runs on E85 fuel. If you have $274,000 kicking around with nothing to do, the ultimate Continental offers up more, more, more and a little less where it counts. Tom Voelk takes a look.