Ford Capri 2.8i driving in my style

Hungary, 2003.05.03

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Ford Capri 2.8 Injection Sidepipe Exhaust

Ford Capri Zakspeed turbo, Histo-Cup 2014, Brno
After more than 10 years restoration, after 32 years first time in race the one of the four existing Zakspeed Capri. Thank you Peter and Stefan Mücke! Brno Circuit, 04.27.2014

Ford Capri 2.8i in Fleet in 2009
no commenst required, awesome, thanks Nick ;-)

Ford Capri 1600 LS Restoration
Last taxed in 1996 this Mk3 Capri 1600 LS was covered over and left on a driveway for 18 years. It came to us last October for a full restoration. All the mechanics and cosmetics have been overhauled. The shell itself has had numerous rust repairs. All the electrics have been tested and and repaired and of course the paint has been redone. Many many hours of work have gone into this one.