Ford Capri 2.8i driving in my style

Hungary, 2003.05.03

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ford capri 2.8i injection exhausts in car drive
my 1985 2.8 injection special with lsd strut brace, gaz rear dampers, yokohama tyres and straight through Exhaust on a country road

Engine 2 8i Test Run - Ford Capri injection
This are fifteen year old recordings of a first test run of a 2.8i engine of a Ford Capri. The engine has to refurbished because of destroyed Exhaust valves. It has also a new camshaft with more power. Both reasons are explained in the second part @4:10, please activate English subtitles. The engine is now lead free, has special Exhaust manifolds, a G-KAT, and polished inlet and Exhaust pipes.

Ford Capri power

Ford Capri 2.8 Injection
Ford Capri Injection onboard. Apologies for camera phone quality.