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1986 Honda Interceptor Drag Racing

Me drag racing my honda interceptor down the milan dragway, just cruising down not full throttle or redlining it. It was too windy for that.


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Honda Interceptor 500 test with Canon 60D
Here is my 1984 Vf 500 Honda Interceptor, that im rebuilding, just doing a little playing around with the new Canon 60D

'85 VF500F Problem
My 1985 Honda VF500F Interceptor, worked fine yesterday, now it's making a bizarre clicking/clacking noise. Choke doesn't behave correctly (can kill engine if applied too fast and will actually reduce RPM at times)

1986 Honda Interceptor VFR750 Dyno
Free Dyno testing at Flemington Circle Yamaha in NJ. Figured I'd see what my bike could do. 89.3 horsepower... top speed 155mph...

84 Honda Interceptor VF1000
My buddy Rick riding my new bike. If you look close you can see it lift the wheels as he's going past me

San Diego Police Car Drag Racing at Racelegal.com 7-30-2010
Watch as this code 4 san diego police car drag races at racelegal.com 7-30-2010 with the lights and sirens. Latest - Friday, July 30, 2010 : Winners Best Reaction Time: Michael Lyons 1937 Plymouth Coupe, RT .500 Motorcycle Quickest ET: David Osborne 2005 Suzuki GSXR600, RT .716, ET 7.308@101.81 MPH Xtreme Quickest ET Winner: Tom Axson 1972 Chevy Nova, RT ;600, ET 6.227@109.48 MPH Modified Street Quickest ET Winner: Paul Geis 1940 Willys Pick Up, RT .733, ET 7.627@89.46 MPH Super Street Quickest ET Winner: Richard Castro 2008 Mitsubishi Evo XMR, RT 1.096, ET 9.000@76.01 MPH Super Street Quickest ET Runner Up: David Land 2007 Ford Mustang GT, RT .958, ET 9.102@74.62 MPH Fast Street Quickest ET Winner: Carlos Sanchez 1994 Honda Civic, RT .724, ET 9.651@74.74 MPH Fast Street Runner Up: William Urbaniak 1995 Chevy Blazer, RT .847, ET 10.693@65.88 MPH Street Stock Quickest ET Winner: Juan Carranza 1987 Ford Mustang, RT 1.318, ET 10.261@71.54 MPH - award sponsored by Schaeffer Oil Bracket Winner: TJ Loper

Honda Interceptor VF 500
here is a walkthrough of my bike

Honda NC30 Dyno Test HD
This is my 1989/90 Honda NC30. This is a re-shoot of the bike on the Dyno with a far better camera than the one I made the original video with a few years back. In HD and with a proper shielded microphone I am hoping to better capture the sounds of a little 400cc Honda V4 spinning its crank up to almost 15k rpm and its gear driven cams at half of that speed. The bike is fully de-restricted with HRC ignition box, proper jetting for the 100 Low Lead aviation fuel it is set up to burn, snorkel removed from airbox for more intake noise and a random M4 carbon slip on pipe that just happened to be the right size to fit on the stock Honda 4:2:1 Exhaust collector. The bike makes a whopping 54 bhp but is one of the most fun to ride bikes I have ever had the pleasure of beating on. None of the suspension internals are stock in the forks and the rear shock is a Penske. Supermoto take off tires are perfect with the NC35 17 inch rear wheel spinning in the single sided hub. God, I love this bike, the sound is amazing and you pretty much have to try to crash one at the track to do any damage. Total mileage on engine and chassis is close to 30k miles!

Honda VFR Burnout
Time for a new rear tire so T figured he'd give it one last burnout! Couldn't get the front tire to stay still had to start in second gear to get it calmed down.

2012 Honda CBR250R | 12k mile, freeway, and maintenance review
I had my 2012 CBR250R (ABS model) for a year now. This is my one year review and what I think of the bike. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section.

1986 Honda Interceptor
N.Khan riding the forever missed Interceptor

85 VF500f Honda Interceptor Cornering Practice
I was playing around some corners on my 1985 Honda VF500f Interceptor. This is where I practice my cornering tech and skills.....I still need practice. lol Sorry about the wind noise and the camera position. I need a better set up.

HONDA VFR Interceptor @Japan
It ride on VFR and the touring video to the sea.

Honda VF 500 F Interceptor
First start after one year

Honda VF500F in Il Capo dei Capi
Uit de film Il Capo dei Capi

HONDA VFR Interceptor RC46-2

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