jeeps got a little power

family fun at the beach before i shipped off to the army

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Jeep gets Stuck in Mud, Blows rear, Cops come
My friend Chuck was not supposed to touch his jeep while his parents were away.. and this is what happens. for pics of the holes left after go to

Truck Stuck at the beach
Trucks and Cars stuck on the Beach

Built ford tough,ask Pepe
My f250 pulling my friend and them some to safety.

This driver made the mistake of driving n to close to one of our outflows . When you see a large stream of water on our Peninsula it is the the rain runoff from ditches and lakes . What happens is when the tide goes out the water will gouge out a trough in the loose sand . When the tide comes in it will fill the edges of the trough with loose sand . While it will look hard it is fact mostly water . It has the conistancy of quicksand . If you walk into it you will sink maybe 8 to 10 inches . A car or truck will sink to its frame . This occurs all along our beach . I advise people to not cross these streams at high water and at low water you want to go as far west as you can to cross over . This truck was in quicksand like material 2 hours before he called me . After the tide went out the water drained out of the sand and it was rock hard around his truck .