browns camp wheeling

July 30

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kbrawlz - kevan and brian attemping waterfall at browns camp (2 toyotas - 1st & 2nd gen)
brian makes a 3nd attempt at climbing "waterfall" at browns camp in his 1st gen toyota from a different route, while kevan gets his 1st try in his 2nd gen toyota with 33" mud terrains (not sure why they weren't both using their 39s). forgive my commentary, i was drunk and i don't even know what i'm doing

Browns Camp 2016 - Extended Cut

November Browns Camp Run
Group of wheeling at Browns Camp in Early August. Wet, sticky and cold but still having a blast! doesn't get much better. My truck being the tan toyota. Leave a comment, and if you like wheelin visit

SAS Pathfinder wheeling on waterfall at Browns Camp in the TSF