browns camp wheeling

July 30

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Brown's Camp Wheeling May 2013
A day trip with a few friends at Brown's Camp in the Tillamook State Forest. This trip was that maiden voyage for the blue XJ and the blue Samurai.

Big Toyota Rolls over at Cliffs Insane Terrain
Big Orange Toyota trying to climb a steep hill. The results are quite hilarious (watch and see) Also, just to point out, this isn't my truck. There are videos of my truck on my channel, and while it's far from perfect, my truck has double beadlocks, fuel injection,etc., and I actually can drive. The owner of this truck (not me) appears to have spent quite a bit of money. He's got tough axles, big tires, a doubler, and a nice healthy Chevy V8. He forgot a few things, like beadlocks, a roll cage, etc. This video has become my most famous video because it's so entertaining. But there's also a few enlightening things to learn from it: 1. Air down! 2. Don't buy PitBull tires. If you don't believe me, keep your Swampers at 30 psi and watch them hook up better than this. PitBull tires are made for pulling--heavy trucks with huge amounts of ground pressure. Offroading requires softer tires for more grip. Before all you haters send me nasty comments, recognize that this is only my opinion. 3. Save some money on a motor and get fuel injection and/or propane. Carburetors don't work for serious off roading.

Long Arm Cherokee on Waterfalls
Going up left side of the waterfalls at Browns Camp TSF. First wheeling trip with long arm lift. Worth every penny!

Wheeling TSF Browns Camp. Hogs Back
Off roading with the Gitout crew. Met some new friends and had a lot of fun.