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72 CB450

my new pic


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honda bobber walkthrough cb450
1973 honda cb450 bobber hardtail chopper stretch, complete motor rebuild

CB450 Cafe racer
After 2 and a half years, the CB450 lives! Built from a $50 barn bike, various spare parts, and dumb luck. For the curious, a list of parts in this bitsa: * 1976 CB500T engine * 1979 CB750K front wheel * 1981 (maybe?) CB900F front rotor * 1978 CB750F forks, caliper, and front fender * 1979 CX500D tank (polished, and clearcoated) * Aftermarket Exhaust, no idea. * 19" DID alloy front wheel * 18" Akront alloy rear wheel (yeah, they don't match, but it still looks good) * Stock seat pan, with the back of a CB450 tank riveted on, and polished. * LED turnsignals and taillight. * Lots of stainless bolts, spraypaint, grease, oil, and cursing. Thanks for the comments!

mikes honda cb 450 burnout
mike does a sweet burnout in his 1972 honda cb 450

Holiday customs honda cb 450 #3
http://holidaycustoms.blogspot.com/ Almost done with this bike. It will be for sale in a week $4000 http://holidaycustoms.blogspot.com/

Honda CB 450 1973, Restoring Project, Part 1
Restoration of my Honda CB450K5 Motorcycle Part 1 "The Restoring"

Dirtbag CB450 burnout
Truck's 2008 Dirtbag project finally runs. Let's see if he can get it together and actually build a chopper.

Clymer Manuals Honda CB450 Black Bomber vjmc cafe racer vintage honda
http://www.clymer.com 800-262-1954 Honda CB450 CB 450 Black Bomber Bomber CL450 Scrambler Custom Cafe Bobber no, the original 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 Honda 450 Welcome to On the Lift...episode one, sponsored by Clymer Repair Manuals. I'm James Grooms, Editorial Director. For each episode we'll feature a machine that's in the Tech Center [Vintage and Classic Japanese machines from the past]. We may also talk about staff rides or projects, basically anything interesting in the shop. Maybe even a road trip or two to see what some of our authors are working on [Repair Manual] and riding. Today we have one of my rides [For Sale]on the lift, a 1965 Honda CB450. AKA the Black Bomber... sounds ominous doesn't it. I think this Honda model has an interesting history. While everyone knows about the CB750, and rightly so. The Black Bomber is often over looked in Honda's family tree. When released in 65 it created quite a bit of buzz. The motorcycle press covered its release extensively. Even the car magazines, like Hot Rod tested it. It was Honda's largest displacement motorcycle and at the time they were known for small bikes. [For comparison, Kawasaki was a non player w/ the 150 B8S, Suzuki had the 250cc T10 and the only real player was Yamaha w/ the YDS3, all 2-strokes.] Their largest was the 305 Superhawk of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance notoriety. Author Pirsig rode a Superhawk, while his partner was on a BMW. [There was also a scrambler version, a CD450 kit. There would eventually be a high pipped CL450, CL.] The parallel twin has dual overhead cams DOHC. At the time, it was the only production motorcycle so equipped. The hemi cylinder head does not use a traditional valve spring setup. Instead a torsion bar mechanism closes the valves. Twin CV carbs were novel for the period also. While many bikes still had 6 volt electrics, the 450 uses a 12 volt battery. The plugs fire at 180-degree intervals through a twin coil and points setup. [Editor's note: this is a Type I engine. There were also Type II CB450 engines using a single set of points and fired at 360 degree interval. I've never seen/heard one run. Would be interesting.] At 8500 rpm the engine produces 43 hp. Power is transferred to the rear wheel via a wet clutch, 4 speed gearbox and chain. The horizontally split crankcase is held in a cradle frame. This was a departure from Honda's typical spine frame layout. This also allowed the cylinders to be upright as opposed to previous twins. The starter is here at the front; another not so common item in 1965. The twin spring telescopic fork legs hold an 18 in wheel featuring a dual leading brake drum operating on twin pivots. By today's standards, this cable operated dinosaur is nothing special, but at the time it was considered top shelf stuff. The rear brake is a basic single-pivot lever-operated drum. Despite being banned from British racing because of its dual overhead cams the bike missed the mark, for a number of reasons. [This model and the CB350 are very popular in vintage racing in AHRMA 's Sportman class - see Henning. I think a full blown CB 450 cafe' bike is in my plans.] It never sold well at a little over a grand. The KO model was basically unchanged from 65-68 until the K1 [in 1968 and also often referred to as the black bomber, however, I think it more accurate to the KO] release. I've been told there were plenty of four speed bikes still on the dealer floors in 68 at a steep discount. Despite poor sales, the Black Bomber's release in April 1965 marked the beginning of the end for the vaunted British motorcycle industry [Dominated by Triumph, Norton and BSA.] With the next new model release, the first superbike --the CB750, Honda sealed the deal. [More videos to come: BMW R75/5 X6 Hustler CB77 CB500 Four SOHC KO Harley Sprint XL s Yamaha YR1 Cobra T500 XS1 XS2 X6 vs CB 350 CB450 CB550 1966 1967 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 K2 k3 k4 k5 k6 k7.] music by Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com http://www.caferacer.net/forum/ http://www.vjmc.org/

Holiday cb 450 #2
http://holidaycustoms.blogspot.com/ After some tuning took it out for its first long ride, sun was out and the bike did great. It's going to make someone real happy.

Holiday Honda cb 450
http://holidaycustoms.blogspot.com/ Firing it up after a new bore , new pistons. Running a little weird in the video but runs perfect now after some jetting.

72 cb450
cb450 startup

Kz440 Kz400 Bobber running
Running the bike a littlle


1974 Honda CB450 Bobber
My 14 year old learning how to ride Dads old bobber.

74' CB450 Cafe start and rev
Head to my Project Blog @ www.dashfest.com for more info! Finally got it started again after tearing the motor down. Sounds great with straight headers!

1970 Honda cb450 Hardtail bobber custom
im selling my fully custom 1970 Honda cb450 bobber, custom hardtail frame, new battery, just tuned up, carbs rebuilt, just put 500.00 into getting it ready for summer. push button start or kick start. battery inside battery box. clean title in hand, just registered and has new tags til end of 2012. she can be a little cold blooded in the morning but she always starts. has never broken down on me or left me stranded. very reliable and cheap on insurance. also surprisingly comfortable to ride. this bobber is a real head turner. people can hear me coming from 3 blocks away. come take it for a test ride. im in Portland Oregon. email rug bug @ rocket mail . com

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