Barney Stinson's most legendary high fives

A bunch of Barney's most LEGENDARY high five moments! I couldn't find all of them, some of the ones that aren't included are... Wordplay five, arthritis five, claw five and door five

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Best Grey's Anatomy Couples
Alex and Izzie - they're made for eachother Lexie and Mark - i love them!!! :) Christina and Owen - he's SOOO much better than burke Derek and Meredith - obviously! Love the show and love these couples! I started making this video and loved it, but i couldn't figure out how to end it! So, its kinda incomplete, but i still love it :)

How I Met Your Mother - Bloopers / Behind the Scenes
How I Met Your Mother - Bloopers (Season 1 - 5) It's gonna be legend - wait for it - and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is dairy! :)

Some Great Barney Stinson Moments
Here are some great Barney moments

Barney's High Fives ! How I Met Your Mother
Barney Stinson's High Fives Collage ! Left out some what ups