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Barber Motorsports Park HPDE Highlights and Spins

2010 thru 2011 Chin and Rezoom HPDE events at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL. 2003 NB Miata #07 Shinsen Special Edition - Titanium Gray 2415 lbs with 180 lb driver and 3/8 tank 121 RWHP (Dynojet SAE adjusted), 116 RWT P205/50ZR15 Hoosier SM6 Tires Hawk HP Plus Pads Springfield Dyno Exhaust AiM Data Logger Chasecam Video


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Barber Motorsports Park Damp E46 M3 (Wreck at end)
3/23/13 After my first session the track dried substantially and I was really able to pick up speed, but the track was still wet in some areas and that would mean my demise. I averaged 1:56, but my fastest laps were 1:55.57 and 1:55.80. If you listen to my engine, I'm barely decelerating through that section. When the back end started to slip I counter steered, but instinctively let up a bit more on the throttle and I believe that is what put me into the wall. I believe that if I gave it more gas instead, then weight would transfer to the rear and that with counter steer would have kept me on the track. I'm open to constructive criticism so let me know what you think.

Nov 3-4, 2012 High speed mistakes at Barber in a Spec Miata
For best viewing results, please watch in 480p. Some high speed mistakes in a Spec Miata at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama. I think I was pushing too hard. It wasn't all bad. I got within one second of the track record (1:48.282 vs 1:47.289): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bXl59BlglA

2013 Porsche 250 at Barber Motorsports Park
Roger Miller and Ian James driving the #158 Multimatic/Ford Racing Boss 302R, Sponsored by Total Care Automotive and prepared and crewed by Dempsey Racing. !!!Caution - this video is over 2.5 hours long!!! It is the full race from an onboard camera.

Porsche Sport Driving School Masters Course Barber Motorsports Park Video 2
In car camera footage from the Porsche Driving School, Master Course, Barber Motorsports Park. Taken May 13, 2011. Driver Jack Bell.

Barber Motorsports Park - Rezoom - Lotus Elise - Mazda MX-5

BMW M3 at Barber Motorsports Park for BMWCCA O'fest 2011
Driving Barber Motorsports Park in my stock 1998 BMW M3. I'm running Nitto-01 R comps tires and Hawk HT-10 brakes. Somewhere in the middle of this run I pull a 1:50.37 lap which was probably my fastest of O'fest. Barber is a great track and facility (Like all Alan Wilson tracks) I highly recommend giving it a try if you're in the area.

Road Atlanta Track Day Music Video
Here's my Miata track day version of the GoPro Glitch Mob commercial on TV.

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum
Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum - Birmingham, Alabama

Mike Skeen: BMW E46 at Barber Motorsports Park
Take a few laps with Mike Skeen in the Pure Performance D-Modified BMW e46 around Barber Motorsports Park during the 2011 BMW CCA Oktoberfest Club Race event.

Z06 at Barber Motorsports Park 5/26/13
Heart of Dixie BMWCCA HPDE Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, AL A Group - Day 2 - Session 3

Chin @ Barber - 07/15/12
Starts @ 6:00. 01 Corvette Z06 playing with buddies


April 21, 2013 Barber Motorsports Park, Best Lap in Spec Miata 1:46.792
For best viewing results, please watch in 480p. Chin HPDE Event at Barber with "new" diamond grind surface. Sunny, dry, 70 degree ambient temp at 4:30 PM. Personal best time of 1:46.792 SCCA qualifying time record is 1:47.163 by Danny Steyn in 2010

My humbling experience in a Ferrari California at Atlanta Motorsports Park
For Valentines Day, my wife bought me three laps driving a Ferrari at Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP), a 2-mile, 16-turn track with over 100' in elevation changes, on Saturday, March 9, 2013. While I drove, my professional driving instructor from XtremeXperience, called out tips for cutting my lap times from his spot in the passenger seat. It was a humbling experience to see just how rusty I was, and realize just how far above my current skills the abilities of this supercar were. I was never frightened, but could hear the siren song of this incredible machine cooing me on to go faster, go faster... My instructor did catch me making one very rookie mistake, twice! And that was following the lines taken by a Lamborghini Gallardo that started in front of me. "Don't follow him, he doesn't know what's he's doing! Don't follow his line, listen to my voice!" my instructor admonished me at one well-deserved point. I do, however, disagree with his actually grabbing hold of the steering wheel at a few points to nudge me into taking the turns a bit wider between Turns 3-4 and 13-14. Number 1, unless you see an imminent crash coming, there should be no excuse for grabbing the steering wheel at speed. Number 2, after reviewing some other in-car videos, in particular one of race driver Robby Card setting the course record of 1m:16s in August 2012, it was apparant that I was following the same line he was: much tighter than what my instructor was literally forcing me to do by grabbing the wheel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-skAnbXgcrA&feature=player_embedded What was the top speed I reached? I don't know. They wisely encourage you not to keep taking your eyes off the track to look at the speedometer. A better gauge might be that my best lap was about 2m:11s, and a good lap for a professional driver in the same car is about 1m:50s. So, I was lapping the track at about 84% the speed of a professional driver. Not bad for an old guy who hadn't sat behind the wheel of a race car since 1981. Lou Smarbles

Hot lap with Jake Lewis at Barber Motorsports Park
Riders Discount Vesrah Suzuki AMA Pro Road Racing rider, Jake Lewis, battles it out with Dustin Dominguez in the final laps eventually going on to take the win in Race 1 at Barber.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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