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Barber Motorsports Park HPDE Highlights and Spins

2010 thru 2011 Chin and Rezoom HPDE events at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL. 2003 NB Miata #07 Shinsen Special Edition - Titanium Gray 2415 lbs with 180 lb driver and 3/8 tank 121 RWHP (Dynojet SAE adjusted), 116 RWT P205/50ZR15 Hoosier SM6 Tires Hawk HP Plus Pads Springfield Dyno Exhaust AiM Data Logger Chasecam Video


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2013 Porsche 250 at Barber Motorsports Park
Roger Miller and Ian James driving the #158 Multimatic/Ford Racing Boss 302R, Sponsored by Total Care Automotive and prepared and crewed by Dempsey Racing. !!!Caution - this video is over 2.5 hours long!!! It is the full race from an onboard camera.

Putnam Park 100-Speed HPDE Turn 4 spin Exige S
Overdriving, period. Too hot, too slick, and I shouldn't have pushed it! That's my Uncle Don laughing as we come to a stop!

Chin @ Barber - 07/15/12
Starts @ 6:00. 01 Corvette Z06 playing with buddies

Porsche Sport Driving School Masters Course Barber Motorsports Park Video 2
In car camera footage from the Porsche Driving School, Master Course, Barber Motorsports Park. Taken May 13, 2011. Driver Jack Bell.

Mike Skeen: BMW E46 at Barber Motorsports Park
Take a few laps with Mike Skeen in the Pure Performance D-Modified BMW e46 around Barber Motorsports Park during the 2011 BMW CCA Oktoberfest Club Race event.


Barber Motorsports Park - Rezoom - Lotus Elise - Mazda MX-5

Z06 at Barber Motorsports Park 5/26/13
Heart of Dixie BMWCCA HPDE Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, AL A Group - Day 2 - Session 3

ZNationals Track Day 2013 Barber Motorsports Park
Fastest Lap: 4m51sto 6m51s My instructor Vesa was a champ and a very good sport. This video was recorded on his GoPro. This was the 3rd intermediate class session. I had foolishly decided to keep my street pads on for the day. On the way to the starting line I had a very vague pedal feel (fluid levels were fine but I had glazed the pads during the last session). I was not sure at the start if I would even complete a real lap or just pack in for the day. So the first lap is very cautious and I don't really have a confident pace until well into the 5 minute mark. Because of this the whole session was spent finding a line with constant speed and minimal braking. You can hear the brakes groaning in the hard braking zones. I would say I had about 2/5 braking potential I had in the first session. My only saving grace was my z1 two piece rotors extending what little capability the pads had left through to the end. The red flag was for a car (240sx I think) that had caught fire. The Driver got out of the burning car and was OK. And as far as the Cadillac CTSV, it seemed like every session I would come up behind him. He had the straightaway speed and I had the cornering speed. The precedent of the day was NO RACING so it was fun playing cat and mouse with him and comparing car capabilities. I want to thank: My instructor Vesa for having the nerve to hop on the car with me even though he knew the brakes and my common sense were failing. And then do it again after this video for the pouring rain from Tropical Storm Karen in the 4th session. Al Aberson for taking me out between the 2nd and 3rd session and showing me the line he likes to run... this helped me find a ton of speed and smoothness (sessions 1&2 were a beat down on the car)... he really knows the 370z like a dancing partner! Bryan Settle for his insight in the classroom and for picking the amazing instructors... Z1Motorsports for hosting the event, and for providing quality parts that they have track tested and developed! - I have installed many of these on my car, they have turned it into amazingly balanced machine it is. (see below for mods) (Also the tune by Jon Parham is absolute gold..) The fourth session was in the rain and much slower. I am awaiting a copy of it from Vesa and will upload it when it comes in. || Z1: Post MAF Tubes + PCV, Power Mod, SS Lines, Silicone Hose Kit, Hood Struts, 10mm/15mm Spacers, 25 Row Oil Cooler+ T.Plate, Motor Mounts, Two Piece Rotors, Uprev || F.I. TDX CBE w/ 18" Res, NST Pulleys, Whiteline Rear Diff Bushings, Nismo S-tune Sways, Swift Springs, Posiquiet Pads, Zspeed Undershroud | White Akebonos by Mike the PowderCoater || www.z1motorsports.com www.znationals.com

LeoVince for Barber Motorsports Park Hooligans - Jason DiSalvo, Ernie Vigil, Nick Apex
ITA - Due stuntman all'interno del Barber Motorsports Museum Birmingham, Alabama (USA), Nick 'Apex' Brocha e Ernie Vigil sfidano la security del museo Le Triumph Speed Triple sono dotate di slip on LeoVince Factory R, disponibile presso la rete vendita LeoVince (art. 8514). http://www.leovince.com/it/catalogo-triumph/terminale_factory_r_omologato_e vo_ii_passaggio_standard_speed_triple_1050_i_e_2011/14297 Slip on LeoVince GP Style per Triumph Street Triple 675, disponibile presso la rete vendita LeoVince (art. 7940). http://www.leovince.com/it/catalogo-triumph/terminale_gpstyle_omologato_evo lution_ii_passaggio_standard_street_triple_675_i_e_2007_2008/10134 ENG - Two stunt riders in the Barber Motorsports Museum Birmingham, Alabama (USA), Nick 'Apex' Brocha and Ernie Vigil defy the security of the museum Triumph Speed Triples are equipped with LeoVince Factory R slip on, available at LeoVince Sales department (ref. 8514). http://www.leovince.com/en/catalog-triumph/terminale_factory_r_omologato_ev o_ii_passaggio_standard_speed_triple_1050_i_e_2011/14297 LeoVince GP Style slip on for Triumph Street Triple 675, available at LeoVince Sales department (ref. 7940). http://www.leovince.com/en/catalog-triumph/terminale_gpstyle_omologato_evol ution_ii_passaggio_standard_street_triple_675_i_e_2007_2008/10134 FRA - Deux pilotes acrobatiques dans le Barber Motorsports Museum Birmingham, Alabama, Nick 'Apex' Brocha et Ernie Vigil défi la sécurité du musée Les deux pilotes conduit Triumph Speed Triple équipée avec silencieux LeoVince Factory R, disponible chez tous le revendeurs LeoVince (réf. 8514). http://www.leovince.com/fr/catalogue-triumph/terminale_factory_r_omologato_ evo_ii_passaggio_standard_speed_triple_1050_i_e_2011/14297 Silencieux LeoVince GP Style pour Triumph Street Triple 675, disponible chez tous le revendeurs LeoVince (réf. 7940). http://www.leovince.com/fr/catalogue-triumph/terminale_gpstyle_omologato_ev olution_ii_passaggio_standard_street_triple_675_i_e_2007_2008/10134 ESP - Dos pilotos acrobáticos en el Barber Motorsports Museum Birmingham, Alabama (USA), Nick 'Apex' Brocha y Ernie Vigil desafían la seguridad del museo Los dos pilotos llevan Triumph Speed Triple con silenciador LeoVince Factory R, disponible ya a través de los revendedores autorizados LeoVince (art. 8514). http://www.leovince.com/es/catalogo-triumph/terminale_factory_r_omologato_e vo_ii_passaggio_standard_speed_triple_1050_i_e_2011/14297 Silenciador LeoVince GP Style para Triumph Street Triple 675, disponible ya a través de los revendedores autorizados LeoVince (art. 7940). http://www.leovince.com/es/catalogo-triumph/terminale_gpstyle_omologato_evo lution_ii_passaggio_standard_street_triple_675_i_e_2007_2008/10134

Subaru BRZ at Barber Motorsports Park with Alabama PCA 12/15/13 (24 min)
My fastest session of the weekend in group 4. I let a Cayman S by 5 minutes in, then spent the next 13 minutes going ballistic trying to catch back up only to get a break with some slow traffic entering pit lane. The real battle starts at the 14 minute mark! :D My BRZ specs and build thread: http://goo.gl/ZOkbt

BMW M3 at Barber Motorsports Park for BMWCCA O'fest 2011
Driving Barber Motorsports Park in my stock 1998 BMW M3. I'm running Nitto-01 R comps tires and Hawk HT-10 brakes. Somewhere in the middle of this run I pull a 1:50.37 lap which was probably my fastest of O'fest. Barber is a great track and facility (Like all Alan Wilson tracks) I highly recommend giving it a try if you're in the area.

Barber Motorsports Park Rezoom
11-6 HPDE Barber Motorsports Park Rezoon Adv. Group Session 3

PBOC Barber Motorsports Park Lotus Elise
Lotus Elise Porsche turbo Evo 996TT 700 hp BMW M3 Radical GT3 cup S4 race car GT3 RS Cup Ferrari Lamborghini race

Barber Motorsports Park 4 21 2012 Rezoom Motorsports
Z3 M Roadster running with buds at Barber. Laguna Seca blue M3-B.T. Steadman, Purple and white M3-Tyler Stone, Silver Skyline GTR-Brody Stone

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