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Corvair Input Shaft Seal/Clutch Replacement.

Replacing the input shaft seal and clutch in a corvair.


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Replacing a Corvair Head/Cold valve adjustment/compression c
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corvair engine test run
got it painted, the firing order corrected new, plugs, cap rotor points dwell adjusted, fresh oil new oil filter, freshend up and greased starter, and painted the tin, this is the product, still have to sort out the carbs but it runs! need to rebuild the other carb and turbo and Exhaust then their going on it but thatll be a while

69 Corvair Headers.

Corvair Harmonic Balancer/Oil cooler Replacement.
Replacing the Corvair HB and Oil cooler.

Corvair engine build part 2
Corvair Engine Build Part 2

VW beetle gearbox mainshaft / input shaft seal removal
This is how I removed the gearbox input shaft seal. It was leaking so it had to be replaced. At first I tried it with a couple of screws screwed into it, and then pulling it. But the screws just came out. Then I found this video: http://youtu.be/SkyOxYGmiLk (play at 240p). I bought a seal puller online, via a Dutch (I'm from the Netherlands) online shop, this one: http://www.vroemparts.nl/shop/products/BGS122-%252d-Keerring-Trekker%2C-320 -mm-%252d-BGS122.html And with this tool, it's done in 5 minutes! When installing a new seal, don't forget to put some gearbox oil on the inside! And when putting the throwout bearing sleeve back on, mind the drain hole.

Oil seal removal slide hammer technique
http://www.thejunkmanadv.com/crank-seal-removal.html Click the link to leave a comment. Using a slide hammer to remove a crankshaft seal, shift shaft seal, or any other type of oil seal from the engine and transmission cases. The link here in the description has more info on the tools used for this technique for removing a engine case seal. Youtube has made it hard for me to use the comments section. If you have any questions please leave them on my website, you may comment anonymously so there is no need to register for any sort of account.

Striper Engine Running on the Stand With New Heads.
Its Alive with New Deep Seat Heads!

Turbo 1965 Corvair Corsa First Start, Fresh Restoration
This is the first startup of our recently restored '65 Chevy Corvair Corsa. It's also for sale! Contact us for more information.

Corvair Autocross SpringFest 2013
Corvairs racing in Helen Georgia at the 2013 SpringFest

Ford Falcon Vs Chevrolet Corvair " No Contest" 1959 Vintage
A filmstrip by Ford comparing the falcon to the Corvair . Vintage 1959 and extremely rare until now.

LM corvair engine removal PT1
removing the corvair engine

69 Corvair Rampy Crank.

1961 Chevy Corvair Loadside Truck **FOR SALE** OHIO
FOR SALE Call for inquiries: 330-488-7994

Duel In The Desert - Vintage Chevrolet Vs Ford Plymouth Rambler Corvair
Vintage Chevrolet film comparing the major automobile brands to the 1962 Chevys including Corvairs

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