2006 GMC 5500 plowing snow

A video from a few years ago, Valentine's Day storm. We had an additional 12" of snow, plus blowing and drifting snow. The truck utilized here is a 2006 GMC 5500 4x4 with the Duramax LRM and Allison transmission. The snowplow is a Blizzard 8611, with Erie mods (#55). Video taken at a rural residence along the Welland River in Niagara region of Ontario.

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Frey Snow Removal
Frey Snow Removal Management is the industry leader in snow plowing, snow and ice removal services. Serving greater Northern New Jersey areas. Footage taken during the latest snow storms, December 2010, thru Feb 2011

Stacking snow with the 5500 and a Boss 10' V
A video of Scott helping me plow my driveway. 2005 GMC Topkick 5500 with a Boss 10' V. He was carrying and stacking snow beside the shop.

Can your plow truck do this?
Do you have the confidence to plow downhill 100 feet into 3 feet of snow and not worry about getting stuck? Plowing Blizzard Charlotte 36" snow with Dodge Cummins and Boss Power V Plow, TreadWright Guard Dog 265/70R16 Tires with Kedge Grip. Plowing this one the day after the storm because the roads were impassable on 2 previous attempts due to hills with multiple cars stuck in the middle of the road.

Snow Plow Cabin Road
Plow cabin road with Duramax and Fisher Stainless V after 30 inch storm