Rob meets big black

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Big Black seeing Rob Dyrdek after 3 years
you tell me

Rob and Big - EA Games.. Skate!
Rob and Big work with EA Games (Iam unsure of the season or episode, sorry! if you happen to know drop me a message and i'll add it in, thanks :)

Brittney Palmer Breaks Record On UFC Machine At Fantasy Factory
Drama and the crew from Young & Reckless were cool enough to invite us down for a tour of the Fantasy Factory today.. Just so happens Brittney Palmer was breaking records, and "scuba steve" into the foam pit.. Will have the entire video up next week.. Thanks again to Drama, Brittney and the entire Young & Reckless crew.-TO Read more - ts%20media.&sharer=copypaste

Rob Dyrdek and Caite Upton Learn Gravity - Learning Stuff - Episode 2
Do you ever wonder if its true that the bigger you are the harder you fall? Well in this episode of Learning Stuff, Caite Upton will find out as she teams up with Rob Dyrdek to learn about gravity. Subscribe NOW: Caite Upton's Facebook: Caite Upton's Twitter: Rob Dyrdek's Facebook: Rob Dyrdek's Twitter: Rob Dyrdek's YouTube Page: Soiled Britches Twitter: Soiled Britches Facebook: Soiled Britches Google +: About Learning with Caite Upton: When last we saw Caite Upton (Miss Teen South Carolina), she was fumbling her way through that impossibly difficult question at The Miss Teen USA pageant "Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?" Now she is back for redemption, so join her on her weekly quest to prove that she can learn everything. Caite will unlock the secrets of the universe, how do you protect yourself from zombies, what's the difference between Japanese and Chinese people, and do Democrats or Republicans have better sex. Watching Cate learn will be an education for us all. About Solied Britches: Soiled Britches is a new comedy channel on YouTube developed by New Nation Networks. On this channel you will find everything from satanic puppies and zombies, to parodies of your favorite celebrities, and even an educational experience from a Miss Teen contestant. About New Nations: We're tired of "entertainment" that ignores us, that talks down to us, that panders us, that trivializes us. We're White, Black, Asian, Latin, and some other categories besides those...and sometimes we're a mix of all the above. We're male, we're female, we're straight, we're gay. We are comfortable in our own skin.