Chevy 2500 duramax pulling 75ft mobile home.

Moving a mobile home at Rough River lake KY.

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Part 2 1988 Chevy pulling mobile home. Trailer

3/4 Ton truck Moving a Mobile Home
1988 Chevrolet Silverado r20 Crew Cab 3+3 350 sm465 4 speed manual 4x2 truck Moving a 12x70ft Mobile Home Instead of being pre squatted its post squatted.

Redneck Mobile Moving
Dodge Dakota....ol' faithful

Redneck Eviction
The Green Beast hauling this mobile home is a 1954 Dodge PowerWagon. It is the most bad*** vechicle in SE Texas! The trailer was vacant and we needed to remove it from our property but the cost of putting tires on the mobile home and hiring a professional mover etc... was out of the question. so my husband, with the help of his brother and cousin hooked it up to the green machine and hauled it off. there are no tires on the rims of the trailer, which is obviously not an issue for the Dodge, aka George Andries' army jeep. If you are from Woodworth Louisiana, you know exactly who I am talking about!