SP Engineering's Nissan R34 GTR! Crazy Acceleration! 1000awhp!

Together with Alex from Sp Engineering we see what his incredible R34 Skyline is all about! Its absolutely Nuts! www.sp-power.com, www.gtrculture.com http://www.facebook.com/AllanLambosGarage

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Nissan Skyline VS The World
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skyline gtr launch 0 - 320 kmh (orignal car sound)
dedicated to all fags who are uploading videos like this with gayass music - fuck you speedo cam of GTR nissan skyline : 1. Its a converted LHD R34 and was shot in a Philippine highway called the NLEX, their version of the Wangan in Japan and the Autobahn in Germany. 2. This was a 0 to 320kph run. If you will watch the whole video, it was actually 0 to 300kph, then he went down to 160kph, then back to 300kph. This was done on a Philippine road and not on a Dyno. 3. The car uses a Holinger sequential transmission. 6-speed. take note of the cell phone conversation towards the end :)

Powertune R34 GT-R tune completed!
26/09/12 update - Car has since been tuned to 1000hp+ This monster setup is finally ready for battle! How does 803hp at all four wheels sound, with no wheelspin on the roll? BC 2.8L Stroker Precision 7175 Billet turbo Haltech Platinum Pro ECU Powertune intank fuel system Plazmaman Intercooler Bring on the drag strip that's all we can say!

Building 1000HP R34 GTR VSPEC II & FOR SALE IN U.SA.
This video is about the process of building 1000HP Show Car & fully restored R34 GTR VSPEC II U.S. Street legal and registered and yes I drive it on U.S. roads. and it is now *** FOR SALE in the U.S.A. *** I'll conceder serious offers only. Real car guys would know how much I have invested in this project so no lowers b.s. or it'll be ignored and please don't ask me how I got it in the u.s. or how I register it all I can tell you I bought it already legal I just had to put my love in it. If you have the money any thing is possible. But yes if you have the money you can have it titled, registered and insured under your name. Owned for 4 years now time to let go. If you have any question about the car all the details are in video part 1 & 2 and the first video was about the process of restoration. beside that please let me know what you think of the project and don't forget to like and subscribe below. You can also watch my other projects on my homepage You can follow me on instagram HTOWN_GODZILLA Next project is my 2nd e30 m3, a 1 owner 1988 BMW M3 40k miles getting full restoration and now is in progress well post some videos soon.... also everything is for sale at the right price. Money talk baby... Once again thank you for watching.