Mike Wilds Mazda 787b Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

Mike Wilds Mazda 787b Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

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Mazda 787 B Great sound, Warm up - Fly by's 2011
4 Rotor Mazda 787 B sound. The 24 hours of Lemans winner in 1991 This car was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2011.

Supercars greatest collection in 8mins.......GoodWood 2011 (Real GT5!)
GoodWood Festival of speed, 2011...best collection of cars ever! hardly ever been happier!!! Can anyone name all the cars in this video?

1986 - Le Mans - David Leslie puncture
Just after 6am fate struck again as the right rear tyre blew while David Leslie was braking for the Mulsanne Corner, throwing him into an enormous spin. Damage was severe, the Ecosse losing its rear bodywork and the flailing tyre also smashing the water radiator. Leslie set off to drive slowly back to the pits but had to stop twice and request fire marshals to give him water for the engine, replenishing the header tank each time. Again the Ecosse team repaired the damage, but this time officialdom intervened and the car was disqualified for taking replenishments out on the circuit, and there was no arguing with that, so a fit and healthy car was driven round to the paddock. "The engine performed marvellously well, and we led the class for hours" commented manager Richard Williams. "Our will be the car to beat when we've got the new bits for the engine." "The V64V was absolutely superb, it could have gone on another day" was Mike Wilds' comment. The ADA Gebhardt moved into first when Leslie suffered his puncture at the Mulsanne Straight.

Mazda 787b Goodwood FoS 2011 Startup
Great to see this car running again. I was at Le Mans in 1991, I was also there this year but missed it's return run.