Integrated Engineering 1.8T Camshaft Testing

A quick video we shot of us doing some testing on our new camshafts. Specs on the engine are as follows: 2L 20v bottom end using our 1.8t stroke kit, with IE Tuscan rods and JE pistons. AEB Head, with 1mm oversize valves, IE prototype springs and retainers, and IE HOT prototype camshafts. IE Rams horn Exhaust manifold with PTE 5857 billet Test performed with conservative timing and 22-23 psi. 573 BHP... For now you can try to guess what power it was on stock cams :)

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VW - AUDI 1.8T Cylinderhead - Rotationtest 7500 RPM
GT-Power makes a Rotation - Test for the Original 1,8T Camshaft and Valves on the Thyssen Cylinder Head - Dynometer in Germany. All Heads must stand this test before they goes in Production. Lambo, Porsche, Audi R8 and allthe other high tech cars. GTP was the first Tuner which have done this Test, to make sure when comes the critical point in making setups. Chiper and many Tuners just set the Rpm Limiter wherever they belive, but realy nobody knows. Our Customers are not our Testdrivers and this test have to be done, to make sure how high can we run our Power Setups with turbokits installed !! This High Tec Rotation - Test shows with lasermessurement exactly the valve shattering from the hydraulic valve followers, the valve clearance and how much Rpm you can run save the Engine without the valve hit the pistons under Stress.... 7250 was just safe...... 7500 with hot oilsfoam of older lubriation, the head get under stress and the "hydraulic pushers" start to to jitter. ( it is also a classical engine fold by the Audi RS 4 and S4 ) They dosent work exactly anymore and we have to lower the RPM in the safer Range. We do this Test with a complete new head, new valve guids and new liters. Just imagine, what can happend if you drive your engine with over 80.000 km and older valve guids or older lifters. Ergo you should change them a.s.a.p. Sorry for the bad video quality.

IE 1.8T Longitudinal Intake Manifold Testing
Pre-release video of the Integrated Engineering longitudinal intake manifolds on the IE test cell engine Dyno. Using the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, our engineers have optimized the manifold's airflow and power range for virtually any turbo charger. The largest power gains will be seen on setups using a GT28-30R/EFR 6255 or larger turbos, however due to the unique plenum and runner design even aggressive K04+ sized turbos will see gains throughout the RPM range. The pictured power graph is the final testing performed on a 2.0L stroker engine at 12 psi Boost level. As you can see, this manifold shows excellent power gains through the mid-high range and very little low end power sacrifice with maximum gains of 80 HP on this set up.

Edge Motors 1.8T VW and Audi oil sludge removal and camshaft adjuster replacement
common problem in vw and audi 1.8t motors, oil sludge caused by poor maintenance or poor quality oil used. PLEASE "LIKE" THIS VIDEO!!! NOTE: the fitting size at the oil filter mounting bolt is 8AN in this video we show you how to remove an engine oil sludge out of 1.8t engine and how to replace the camshaft adjuster oil sludge is very common on 1.8t motors VW and Audi, the oil pressure switch is designed to activate the low oil pressure warning at around 7psi of pressure, and it is only active at 2000rpms(at 2000 rpms the normal oil pressure for 1.8t is around 45psi or the lowest is 35psi) so if you see the oil pressure light on your cluster at around 2000 rpm your oil pressure is WAY too low. you should stop immediately !!! you might not make it to that exit that's 500feet away... If you take your car to the dealership, they most likely will replace the oil pick up tube and nothing else, but that will only solve the problem for some time, and not fix it. (IF YOU HAD A DEALER REPAIR OIL SLUDGE PROBLEM FOR YOU AND THE PROBLEM CAME BACK AFTER A COUPLE OF MONTH PLEASE POST WHAT HAPPENED) Edge Motors your VW and AUDI spesialists We export cars!!! 107 E Railroad AVE West Haverstraw NY 10993 (845)269-3846 PLEASE "LIKE" THE VIDEO Edge Motors is not affiliated with Volkswagen of America all rights reserved.

1.8t engine assembly HOW TO(part 1) Song: 'Idioteque' by radiohead.