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Integrated Engineering 1.8T Camshaft Testing

A quick video we shot of us doing some testing on our new camshafts. Specs on the engine are as follows: 2L 20v bottom end using our 1.8t stroke kit, with IE Tuscan rods and JE pistons. AEB Head, with 1mm oversize valves, IE prototype springs and retainers, and IE HOT prototype camshafts. IE Rams horn Exhaust manifold with PTE 5857 billet Test performed with conservative timing and 22-23 psi. 573 BHP... For now you can try to guess what power it was on stock cams :)


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Comp Cams - How it's Made
Competition Cams, one of the industry leaders in performance engine equipment, walks PowerTV through the complex process of designing, creating and manufacturing its high performance cam shafts.

VW GTI 1.8T Big Turbo GT3071R and CAT CAMS BADASS IDLE!!! Eurodyne Tuned!
AWP Engine, GT3071R (Eliminator kit), Cat Cams, 725cc ID, Eurodyne Maestro 7 tuned, 3" full Exhaust no cat, Water and methanol injection, Vibrant FMIC, Stock manifolds, 034 motor mounts, stage 2 clutch, prolite flywheel, stock rods and pistions, front lower stress bar by eurosport, rear upper stress bar by eurosport and rear sway bar by eurosport, coilovers, wheel spacers front and rear. Currently (after this video) the car has a side exiting Exhaust. MORE VIDEOS TO COME.

Demonstration of Precision Dual Ball Bearing vs. Journal Bearing
Showcasing the difference between two identical Precision 6765 turbos and featuring the new Precision Waterless Air-Cooled Dual Ball Bearing technology. Update: The Air-Cooled CHRA doesn't have longevity issues. I have over 20,000 miles on my GT42-7275R CEA DBB already without any fault and I BEAT this thing up.

passat 350wph dyno waterfest 13 www.EDGE-MOTORS.com
EDGE MOTORS VW PASSAT 1.8T AWD conversion 4 motion 5 speed Dyno at waterfest 13 350whp WWW.EDGE-MOTORS.COM

MK4 1.8T @ 9.95 1st Pass Pittsburgh classic 3 9/12/2010
Pittsburgh Classic 3 @ pittsburgh reaceway Park 9/12/2010. 8V lugtronic turbo Rabbit and pick up on ITB's, NICE. MK4 20VT @ 9.95, first pass with new set up according to info. This is a fast 20V, 9.95 with problems? can't wait to see it with a clean pass @ full Boost and better weather(no much of traction).

1.8T Jetta camshaft part 2, removing valve cover. Moon seal , Flat seal and Cam seal
part2 Disclaimer, i am not responsible if you damage your engine. This is a DIY Guide and helpful hints. Any questions post in Comments

Volkswagen Overheating Issue 1.8t & 1.9tdi
This Tech Tip explores the overheating issues with the Volkswagen Jetta 1.8t and 1.9tdi, the car in this video is a Jetta 1.9tdi.

EXCLUSIVE 2001 VW Golf 1.8t Race Car From Eurosport
Canyon driving review of a MK4 VW Golf 1.8turbo built by eurosport for the eurotuner grand prix. See what the Southern Californian tuner did with one of Volkswagen's best tuning platforms. Built with all bolt-ons including H&R Coilovers, eurosport front mount, intake, Exhaust and GIAC software.

VW Jetta 20v 1.8t MKII Big Turbo - 651whp 463tq Dyno Run
Haenszel's MKII Jetta 1.8t running a BW s364 at 35psi. IE Rods, stock pistons, Supertech valvetrain on Autronic SM4 -- Tuned by Kevin Black of LugnutsTuning.com

Audi A4 2.0L Stroker First Start
2003 B6 A4 1.8T Integrated Engineering 2.0L Stroker first start. Lifters and rings are a little clacky, that should go away once the motor is broken in. Also the vacuum line above the manifold and vacuum lines to the left of the turbo are not finished and will be a lot cleaner when I'm finished. ARP Main Studs IE 2.0L Stroker kit with IE rods and IE custom pistons Calico Bearings mani & Rod AEB Head - Ported Supertech Titanium valve train Supertech Titanium intake valves Supertech Inconel Exhaust Valves IE CVA2 cams FLuidamp crank pulley IE twin dowel pin timing gear IE Manual tensioner ARP/IE Crank Bolt ARP/IE Cam bolt ARP head studs IE coilpack adapters with TSI coils IE overbore headgasket IE Surgetank Bosch 044 Fuel Pump IE fuel rail all stainless braided fuel lines from tank with black anno fittings Fuelab FPR Apikol intake manifold SPA Exhaust manifold Garrett GT3076R Precision 650HP core 2.5" custom hot side piping 3" custom cold side Tial wastegate Tial blowoff powdercoated: valve cover, intake mani, coolant hardpipe, turbine housing, alternator, motor mount brackets, accessory brackets Stern track motor mounts IE AN valve cover breather adapter IE AN block breather adapter Maestro 7 open source tuning stainless braided coolant lines stainless braided breather lines 3.0L V6 Transmission 6 speed DEI turbo blanket and reflect-a-gold liner R8 coolant/oil cap all new VVT, oil pump, water pump, seals, gaskets, etc.... Hallman Boost controller DEI Exhaust wrap 70mm throttle body I'm just throwing this stuff out as I remember, sure I missed a bunch but you get the idea.

The Worlds best car tuning disasters and engine failures II - Caught on tape
Wow its tuning disaster II Time More of the webs greatest tuning and high performance engine failures -- you can push and you can push your tuning, but sooner or later some things gonna blow Top 30 all-time tuning failures - close your eyes and watch through your fingers this is very scary stuff, more breaking engines and bank balances. www.viezu.com ECU remapping and car tuning at its best. Car tuning training, software, tools and equipment. Whatever your tuning needs we are here to help. Insured, guaranteed and custom tuning for over 3000 different vehicles, tuning for power, performance, fuel economy, motorsport and carbon reduction -- Tune with the best and mail us at info@viezu.com. For all car tuning training, ecu remapping and car tuning courses and classes see our technical academy www.remap101.com

Auto Repair Tip Wilmington Delaware - 2003 VW Jetta With Engine Damage From Broken Timing Belt
Welcome To Buckley's Auto Care 302-999-8285 http://www.buckleysautocare.com. Here is video clip from right inside our service bays at Buckley's Auto Care This clip shows the incredible damage done when a timing belt snaps in an interference motor. This happens to be a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta with a 1.8 turbo. As you can see, the valves are severely bent and the inside of each cylinder is scarred. In addition to the engine damage, take a look at the coolant residue from all of the plastic plumbing VW uses. Of course, this engine will have to be replaced. Buckley's Auto Care 1604 E. Newport Pike Wilmington, Delaware 19804 302-999-8285 http://www.buckleysautocare.com http://www.autorepairwilmingtonde.com Service Hours: 7AM - 6PM Mon-Friday You can read our Certified Reviews at this link http://www.demandforce.com/auto/buckleysautocare

Vw 1.8t engine dyno #1
Go-Power Systems DA-312 VW 1.8T, Eagle rods, JE pistons, Garret GT35 About 400Nm at 1 bar and 400Hp around 8000rpm The Dyno is for sale http://www.blocket.se/orebro/Motorbromsbank_Go_Power_Systems_DA_312_3110428 9.htm?ca=8&w=1&last=1

Integrated Engineering's 1.8T Transverse Intake Manifold
The Integrated Engineering 1.8T transverse intake manifold is engineered to provide market leading performance and features. Each aspect of this manifold was carefully tweaked and optimized by our engineers by using the latest in Computer Flow Dynamics (CFD) software. The design work was followed by an extensive round of testing on our in house Superflow engine dynamometer. The result of this extensive research and development is quite simply the most advanced, refined intake manifold the VW/Audi community has ever seen. See more at http://www.performancebyie.com/integrated-engineering-1-8t-transverse-intak e-manifold

IE 1.8T Longitudinal Intake Manifold Testing
Pre-release video of the Integrated Engineering longitudinal intake manifolds on the IE test cell engine Dyno. Using the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, our engineers have optimized the manifold's airflow and power range for virtually any turbo charger. The largest power gains will be seen on setups using a GT28-30R/EFR 6255 or larger turbos, however due to the unique plenum and runner design even aggressive K04+ sized turbos will see gains throughout the RPM range. The pictured power graph is the final testing performed on a 2.0L stroker engine at 12 psi Boost level. As you can see, this manifold shows excellent power gains through the mid-high range and very little low end power sacrifice with maximum gains of 80 HP on this set up. www.performancebyie.com

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