1978 model vw dune buggy 1600 cc bored out, cold start

starting up the old dune buggy, really loud 1 to 1 headers

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First time driving my rail buggy
i have been building this ground up for the past 14 months and just reticently finished the engine. this is my first drive.

My Dune Buggy Project Part 10
In this episode, we change the Exhaust again, build a mud cover for the engine, build a front bumper, put on some mud tires and drive through the mud! Thanks for watching!

friend's vw dune buggy
I was expecting more oomph out of the engine, but I don't think he rev'd it above 3k.

Rail Buggy with Subaru Impreza Motor
Beeeens new railbuggy it has a efi 2200cc subaru impreza motor with a 4spd tranny. The bad part is it only moves in reverse so were gonna tear into it and see what the problem is. Rate, Comment, Subscribe!