SR20DET GT2871R 240SX dyno pull

Dyno pull by a 1991 240SX with a Garrett GT2871R (.86) powered SR20DET and supporting mods. Made 334whp and 261lbs. ft. tq.

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Sr20det Gt2871 Build
My s13 with blacktop Sr Removal, Build, Install and first drive

s14 sr20det dyno 410 HP
sr20 det , full forged, tomei arms , nistune, os giken gear box 21psi 850cc Denso injector E85 .......

S13 SR20 240sx w/ GT28 @ 16psi
The story of my 240sx from a s13 SR20 with blown T28 @ 12-14psi, bad head, and no tune. To a GT28RS @16psi with Rebuilt Head, AEM EMS tune. Made 320whp on the Dyno with stock cams. Tuned by BRE Motorsports in Concord NC.

SR20 gt2871r dyno pull
Made 322whp and 236tq.....would of been higher tq but if you listen to the revs you can hear that it spun. Boost controller was at 15psi but it was starting to spike at the end up to about 17psi. I'm happy with the power it made considering this is a bare minimum gt2871r build. Check out the street pull here: s14 sr20det engine. Stock motor top & bottom Stock headgasket Gt2871r .64a/r (15psi) tomei 740cc inj. Enthalpy Tune SR20DE throttle body FMIC 3" turbo outlet HKS Hi-Power Exhaust synapse synchronic BOV(recirculated) **Please dont forget to hit the thumbs up!