Crusing 1st Donk on 30" Staggered Asantis SUPERCHARGED 572....RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNIN!--HD

Riding in the donk on 30s Supercharged 572 Runnnnnnnnning

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1st Donk on Staggered 30s Asanti SUPERCHARGED 572!! DUVAL COUNTY!!--HD
72 Donk supercharged 572 on 30" staggered asantis

Duval Donk on 30's *Bonus Coverage*.........Linny J Everyone asked for more coverage of this Donk. Well here you have it. More detailed photos here:

Blood Money Cartel '72 Vert Donk on Staggered 30" Asanti Supercharged 572 Big Block

1st donk on Staggered 30s Asantis SUPERCHARGED 572!--HD
Stag 30" Asantis Supercharged 572 Candy Red