Big Block Pontiac Fiero

Pontiac Fiero car show at Daytona speedway.

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Crazy Big Block Fiero
RWD big block Fiero

1984 Pontiac Fiero Supercharged V-8
A 1984 Pontiac Fiero witha blow V-8 stuffed in the back of it...It's street Legal...I shot it at The Grand Rod Run 2012...CRAZY!!!..check it out!

MR2 vs Fiero
MotorWeek (February 20th, 1988): Toyota MR2 Supercharged vs Pontiac Fiero Formula. Some Numbers to keep in mind while watching this...... 1988 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 (0-60 = 6.0 seconds) (14.6 Quarter Mile) 1988 Ferrari 328 GTS (0-60 = 6.7 seconds) (15.0 Quarter Mile) 1988 Lotus Esprit turbo (0-60 = 5.8 seconds) (14.4 Quarter Mile)

V8 Fiero on Milwaukee Mile
This is a brief video of a V-8 Pontiac Fiero at the 2008 "Drive the Milwaukee Mile" Car Show. This is a 1988 Fiero retrofitted with a '84 front fascia. The original four cylinder engine has been swapped with a 350 cubic inch Chevy Small Block LM-1 V-8 with Tuned Port Injection (TPI). The 17" wheels and Goodyear Eagle F1 ultra performance tires cover 11" Camaro disk brakes in the front and Cadillac STS disk brakes in the back. The video shows a walk around the car and a slow run around the Milwaukee Mile race track in line behind a pace car.