McLaren SLR vs. CBR 1000RR Repsol

a little "race" from 60 - 200km/h ... nothing too fancy but worth a look... For the ones saying it's not a McLaren - first read, then talk shit: Get your NicoTrico shirt here!

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Ghost Rider Bulgarian Style :)) and Bonus RS6 VS CBR1000RR
Sunny day + Dry Roads = Me doing stupid shit :)) and don't take the Ghost Rider stuff too serious - I know I'm not anywhere near him and please keep stupid "safety" comments for yourself ;) Get your NicoTrico shirt here!

Honda S2000 vs Honda CBR1000RR Repsol
just another of my little races... I'm trying to solve this 2nd camera out, so sorry for that, but next time it'll be better :)) Get your NicoTrico shirt here:

2014 AUDI RS6 VS. CBR1000RR Repsol 07
Just a little street drag race between a brand new 560hp RS6 and my not so new 1000RR 07... I'm still waiting on the McLaren SLR do come and get it's spanking so stay tuned... Get your Nicotrico shirt here!

A short Wheelie Inspirational / Motivational Video... Hope you enjoy it and if so, GO OUT AND GET IT UP ! :)) Get your Nicotrico shirt here: