bugatti going over speed bumps...!

The person driving the car is Bugatti's official test driver Pierre Henri Raphanel. He was in india with the Veyron which was brought from France to give the people test driving the Veyron inputs about driving this beast.

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My New Bugatti Veyron delivered - AWESOME!!!
Mah #1 baby momma gonna be happee wen she git home from 7-11 buyin corn chips and mickey. Caint wait to take it out on LA potholes and cruise the 405. Ok ok ok, now really this is the real one....

Bugatti Veyron vs Lamborghini Aventador vs Lexus LFA vs McLaren MP4-12C - Head 2 Head Episode 8
On this special episode of Head 2 Head, Automobile Magazine's Jason Cammisa pits the world's most exclusive super cars against each other in a no-holds-barred drag race battle! Do the carbon fiber-bodied Aventador, LFA, and MP4-12C have what it takes to take on the king of the super car realm - the Bugatti Veyron? Now available in full HD 1080P resolution! Head 2 Head appears every other Wednesday on the new Motor Trend channel. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook - & Twitter - & Google+ - Website - &

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Modified car can't pass tiny speed bump
Failing to keep a low profile: Hilarious moment motorist tries to exit car park - but his modified car can't get over a tiny speed bump The car was driving down a ramp in a car park somewhere in Hong Kong The extremely lowered suspension cannot make it over a tiny speed bump A crowd of onlookers cheer the motorist on when he finally makes it over A car lover has learned a hard lesson on how you can go after he got stuck trying to drive over a tiny car park speed bump. The motorist was driving down a ramp in a car park in Hong Kong when he ran into a hurdle because of his extremely lowered suspensions. A crowd of onlookers can be seen watching in amusement as the white vehicle repeatedly drives up to the bump before reversing and trying again. The red-faced driver eventually makes it over the bump, to the accompaniment of a chorus of cheers. The vision was uploaded to the POP News Facebook page, where it has drawn 6,000 Likes and a range of comments. rk-lowered-car.html