Inside & Out Of The Blown 97 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

Complete walk around of the Interior and Exterior of my Stroked/Forged/Blown 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC If you own a Lincoln Mark VIII or LS & Live In the tri-state area, please check us out online @

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MotorWeek | Retro Review: '97 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC
The writing was on the wall in 1997, as MotorWeek predicted that luxury SUVs would kill the Mark VIII. Given the current crowded market of luxo-utes, it's unlike we'll see another Lincoln sport coupe anytime soon...

1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC Vortech Supercharged
Once again, Hot and I took a wacky journey into the land of being blown. She gained about 180 RWHP... not bad for a near 20-year-old! Tons of work and so many little issues to overcome but we all did it! My critter is happy, runs wonderfully and has excellent street manners. =) Huge thanks to Caliber Customs for taking great care of Hot during this time and making a huge effort to keep up her engine appearance as well.

mark viii burnout
My friend jason,s blisterig burn out in his hot rod mk8

Lincoln Mark VIII with Cobra Intake and Duel Exhaust sound