SSR vs Mers 560 SEL

400 HP 4760 pounds Chevy SSR race vs 2013 530HP 4800 pund Mercedes 560 SEL

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48 SSR ZZR transformers
I use morphing to show origins of 03-06 SSR design. Starts with '48 Chevy Pick Up, transforms into SSR. Then we fruther explore possible directions in which design may go,morphing SSR into our ZZR project. ZZR is an actual vehicle, I drive it since Jan 2012.please see more of my work at

Chevy SSR beats McLaren F1
this is a crazy race i couldnt belive it

2004 Chevrolet ssr vs Gti Farenheigth
We race on green; the SSR win by a little. Only becuz of the more power and more weigth which is a disadvantage, weighing in at 4,350lbs. The gti weighs about 2900,3000lbs..

E50 vs 560sel