323 BG Turbo 0-100

Acceleration test with my 323 BG Don´t mind the RPM scale ;c)

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Mazda 323 GTX BF @ 0.75 bar 0-180 km/h
bigger 2,5" Exhaust, bigger VJ-11 turbo (swap from Probe 2.2T), Iveco FMIC, BOV, stock ECU, cone air filter, ripped out interior ~980 kg ~180-190 HP

B-Team Interview ORF Donnerstag Nacht
Spiegelt wunderbar unsere Gesellschaft wieder. Hab sooo viel lachen müssen *gg*

Mazda 323 BG Turbo test on dynojet
Mazda 323 BG test on Dynojet @ Moo Engine Shop in Thailand

Mazda 323 GTR 4WD Turbo acceleration 80-160kmh
Mazda 323 GTR (group A WRC car) Modifications : 3" downpipe & Exhaust, colder plugs, 1.2 bar Boost (17.6psi)