Nissan LEAF Watch in HQ from ben10topgear & Exoticcar2009

Nissan LEAF Watch in HQ song: Big Banf - Farewel Enjoy & Coemmnt!

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My new blue Nissan Leaf 2015 SL 100% electric car love it!!
Best decision I ever made!

Nissan LEAF: Thanks a Billion #LEAFkm
For the first time in history a 100% electric car has passed one billion kilometers. The road to a billion has been a story of emotional and exciting experiences.

Lance Armstrong's New Nissan Leaf Commercial
Another exclusive for, just in time for the Tour De France, Lance Armstrong's newest Nissan Leaf Commercial, 20 years of the Tail Pipe ...

Electric cars 10 Nissan Leaf commercial (perfect harmony)
july 27 28 august The Nissan Leaf (also formatted "LEAF" as acronym for Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable, Family Car) is a compact 5-door ...