Rolling Road @ MAC VW. John Mills' (Running Monkey) VW Oval Beetle 2180cc Type 1 148BHP

John Mills' (Running Monkey) VW Oval Beetle 2180cc Type 1 148BHP MAC Performance's Rolling Road

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2180 Stroker No. 2
I built this fron a catalog with the only thing produced by VW is the rocker arms After running in my sandrail a few times out at little sahara in Waynoka Oklahoma.I spun a rod bearing, so time for new rods and a new crank...oh and a bigger cam this time. It's now built with an 82 mm crank, 92 mm pistons and scat 5.700 H-beam rods with 3/8 bolts. It took 0.180 barrel shims to clear the heads. I had to have the new scat c-45 camshaft turned down to clear the bigger rods.

Manchester Aircooled 1776 Turbo DTA Fuel Injection First Start up (Jimmy's Rewaco Trike)
First start up of a newly built 1776cc vw aircooled engine with turbo, fuel injection, and DTA ecu system showing real time mapping (a little rich at the minute!) Built, fitted and mapped by Manchester Aircooled. Throttle Bodies, turbo kit and base map supplied by VW Speedshop, England (The real deal)

BackyardBuild Summer 2012 Turbo VW Bug preview.mpg
Here is a preview of how the car sits now, summer 2012. I have about 95% of the bodywork done and have coated everything with 2 layers of black epoxy primer. Lots more tune up has yielded a good running late model classic VW beetle. As you can see I have a bunch of work left to do on the interior, but all the gauges and lighting function. To beef everything up on the 3SGTE engine I had to utilize an aftermarket ECU, I chose the Vi-Pec. The last part of the video shows what this setup can do. She's fast...

Jimmys turbo rewaco trike on manchester aircooled's rolling road
Further tests show 117bhp at the rear wheels, not bad for a 1776!