A Malibu for Breakfest!

Racing at Cayuga during ArmDrop Live in July of 2008. This was my latest victim!

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New slicks and Trick Springs installed....results
The day after the ArmDrop Live at Cayuga. The car ran great and was leaving well. I lost against a faster car on Saturday in first round. Today, Sunday I want to fine tune how the engine comes up on the trans brake and try some different rpm launch set points. The front end work made such a difference and now that the body is raised I can run those big slicks I bought instead of using them as paper weights.

81 Malibu on pump gas
Matt Lester Driving Mezmotorsports 81 malibu at norwalk raceway park

Chevy 350 on nitrous!
360 horsepower and torque!! Mc Nasty!

Lee Adkins
Ride along with Lee Adkins in one of the Worlds Quickest torque converter driven cars. This Tim McAmis built version 3 68' Camaro covers the ADRL eigth mile in 4.0 seconds.