A Malibu for Breakfest!

Racing at Cayuga during ArmDrop Live in July of 2008. This was my latest victim!

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DaSilva Sick Kids Car Show 2011
I brought the Camaro out to Joe DaSilva's Car Show and fund raiser for Toronto Sick Kids hospital. His shop is well equipped and spotless. Joe was also featuring Dyno pulls for a small fee and donation. A lot of people took advantage to see what their ride would put down to the rollers. I had a great time and did some fine tuning on my Camaro as well. I am happy to say that I have NO issues with the new RacePumps piston fuel pump (mechanical). The fuel pressure was set at 7 psi and stayed at set point throughout the rpm band. The morning Dyno pull came in at 534rwhp and 457 torque. Joe treated everyone well and even suggested to come back in the afternoon for another pull. I decided to change the tune by increasing the jet and reducing the timing since the A/F ratio was a tad lean and I am using 94 octane pump gas. I was about to go on when I made this short video. Look on my channel and a friend took the actual Dyno run and I have to say I was very pleased. Will have to see, in a couple of weeks if the car can run a 9 sec time. The car put down 595rwhp and 510 lb/ft torque and the crowd just loved it and so did I! The RacePumps fuel pump helped me have what I call a breakthrough! Go to giantmonkey101's channel to see the actual run!

Fred had really stepped the power up in his Twin turbo T Type Buick Regal. I was told by Fred that the Boost was limited to 10 lbs. Still the rear wheel was in the high 600+HP. Last time we raced, which was this year in May, my car was running 11 flat in the quarter. Fred beat me easy then. So I said give me the hit and Fred agreed. Little did Fred know I stepped it up as well! I got a head start on him and Fred couldn't catch me. I ran a 10.3 to Fred's loosing 10.0. It was alot of fun.

Bruce has a strong Dart that he brought to Armdrop here in Picton Ontario. I thought I'd give him a shot and see how a 3600 lb Camaro would do against a 2600 lb car. this is the second race we had. The first race I was conservative on my launch and Bruce beat me by 5 lengths. On this race, I stepped on it almost off the launch and he beat me by 2 1/2 lengths.

68 ProStreet Camaro 1/4 mile drag racing