08 CSRT4, 94' 5.0 Mustang, 94' AWD Talon, 93' AWD GSX

2008 Caliber SRT4 1994 Mustang 5.0 5spd. Project 1994 AWD Talon Automatic 1993 AWD Eclipse GSX 5spd.

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'93 Talon Build-up Music by Supe (Crash)
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Regular Car Reviews: 1994 Eagle Talon Tsi
This is a captured import and the bloodbag that kept Chrysler's sports car's division conscious though the early 90's rebuilding years. Goat. All this is is a Mitsubishi Eclipse, front wheel drive turbo, with a BADGE OF FREEDOM

Mustang 94 GT --- Body kit SALEEN

Caliber SRT4 12.4 at 115mph
August 7th Maple Grove PA