08 CSRT4, 94' 5.0 Mustang, 94' AWD Talon, 93' AWD GSX

2008 Caliber SRT4 1994 Mustang 5.0 5spd. Project 1994 AWD Talon Automatic 1993 AWD Eclipse GSX 5spd.

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'93 Talon Build-up Music by Supe (Crash)
Build- up of '93 Eagle Talon...

my first car...94 mustang
was bored one day so threw together stuff from my 94 v6 Mustang.....its an ongoing project car so dont be hatin

Caliber SRT4 12.4 at 115mph
August 7th Maple Grove PA

srt-4 vs gto Av-dynasty
Caliber SRT stage 1 vs. LS2 GTO