Course sauvage sur autoroute ou Go Fast en pleine action ? M3

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LA Poursuite la plus spectaculaire jamais vue !!!!!!!

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MORSAY retour d'un GO FAST en AMG à +300km/h !
Sur le retour d'un go fast de Morsay pendant la nuit à plus de 300km/h

Police vs Audi RS6 Best chase ever HIGHWAY !
Watch part 2 here on my channel Highway is a car-movie documentary-style, where the point is to make fun of the police. As in movies like Ghost Rider and Getaway in Stockholm is the speed well over the legal. A scene in the movie called "Carlitos Swey" one can clearly see when he runs off eight police cars. This clip got attention in the newspaper in MY, July 2010. With both cameras rigged inside the car and under the grill, start crazy journey from the Globe Arena in Stockholm. The driver runs out of road 73 and at most is he reside at a speed of 280 km / h. I really think you should by this movie if you like Ghostrider and Getaway in stockholm movies