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1987 - Vallelunga - Yannick Dalmas's accident
Yannick Dalmas who had not taken full advantage of his pole position at the start was not unduly worried. For his cockpit he could see that Stefano Modena's car's handling was graudually disimproving, thus the young Frenchman carefully bided hi stime. Suddenly Modena came out of the quickest part of the circuit alone! In fact a rear suspension joint had broken sending Dalmas into the guardrail at nearly 150mph, speading panic amongst the pack following the leaders. Dalmas ended up in the middoe of the road with the car's monocoque as, such the force of the impact, that the engine, gearbox and wheels has all been torn off. Miraculously he was almost unhurt apart from bruised kness and left hospital in the next morning.

Alfa Romeo 156 Tarquini 2004
Gabriele Tarquini in Alfa Romeo 156 Spain 2004. Get your Alfa Romeo model cars and memorabilia at

1994 Italian Supertouring championship, eight event - Pergusa racetrack, round 1.
04. September 1994, eight event of the 1994 Italian Superturismo championship. Round one.

1994 Italian Supertouring championship, second event - Vallelunga racetrack, round 2.
17. April 1994, second event of the 1994 Italian Superturismo championship. Round two.