superturismo start vallelunga 2000

partenza gara 2 , incidente tarquini, safety car

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Alfa Romeo 156 Tarquini 2004
Gabriele Tarquini in Alfa Romeo 156 Spain 2004. Get your Alfa Romeo model cars and memorabilia at

1987 - Vallelunga - Yannick Dalmas's accident
Yannick Dalmas who had not taken full advantage of his pole position at the start was not unduly worried. For his cockpit he could see that Stefano Modena's car's handling was graudually disimproving, thus the young Frenchman carefully bided hi stime. Suddenly Modena came out of the quickest part of the circuit alone! In fact a rear suspension joint had broken sending Dalmas into the guardrail at nearly 150mph, speading panic amongst the pack following the leaders. Dalmas ended up in the middoe of the road with the car's monocoque as, such the force of the impact, that the engine, gearbox and wheels has all been torn off. Miraculously he was almost unhurt apart from bruised kness and left hospital in the next morning.

Euro STC 2000 Season Review
A season review highlights programme of the 2000 Euro STC (Euro SuperTouring Car championship). In German language, but even if you don't speak German, still an interesting watch for a series with very little footage around. Twitter @tomhlord The championship had a strong Italian feeling, with many tracks, teams and drivers from the country, despite the "Euro" title. No surprise seen as the series was spawned from the 1999 Italian Superturismo Championship. The 2000 Euro STC featured drivers such as Nicola Larini, Fabrizio Giovanardi, Gianni Morbidelli, Roberto Colciago, Peter Kox, David Leslie (for the final round), Gabriele Tarquini (for the final couple of rounds), Gianluca de Lorenzi, Max Pigoli, Emanuele Naspetti & Stefano Gabellini Tracks: Mugello (Italy), Enna Pergusa (Italy), A1-Ring (Austria - Now called the Red Bull Ring), Monza (Italy), Hungaroring (Hungary), Imola (Italy-San Marino), Misano (Italy), Brno (Czech Republic), Vallelunga (Italy) & Cerklje (Slovenia) which has to be noted as one of the worst condition tracks I've ever seen in a European race series. There is a brief article here about the final race weekend. Also worth noting that, from the onboard shot, you can see Kox had contact from behind and that car was an Alfa.... Cars: Audi A4 Quattro, Alfa-Romeo 156 (run by Nordauto, now called N-Technology), BMW 320i, Honda Accord (run by, I believe, the Italian JAS team), Opel Vectra. The championship ran to the SuperTouring regulations and existed for only 2 years (part of the LG Super Racing Weekend), 2000 & 2001 (Giovanardi champion in 2001 also) before turning into the ETCC and then the current WTCC

Alfa 155 Giovanardi
Get your Alfa Romeo stuff at Fabrizio is the 1998 Italian Superturismo Champion with not less than 7 pole positions and 10 victories and would go on to become the 2001 European Touring Car Champion. Fabrizio achieved both championships on Alfa Romeo.