Indy Honda's first New 2012 Honda Civic

The first new 2012 Honda Civic coming off the transport at Indy Honda

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Pimp my Civic Some More...
Linus's pink car gets a makeover at Nicky V's Custom Autos... Follow us:– Join our community forum: Music: Title: Gucci - Produced by Diz’P (instrumental) @DIZPOFFICIAL Support us by becoming a Patron! See how this helps us here:

2012 Honda Civic Demonstration - Southern Motors Honda
Christina of Southern Motors Honda tells us whats new on the 2012 Honda Civic

How to Jack up 2012 Honda Civic / Jack Points 2006-2015 Honda Civic
Items Needed: Floor Jack - Jack Stands - A quick video on how to raise your 2006-2015 Honda Civic in order to perform work such as an oil change under your car. I show you the jack points, where the pinch welds are for jack stands, etc. This is the safe and correct way to raise your car. This should be similar on all Honda's and really all cars in general. This car is the 2012 Honda Civic LX with the R18 4 cylinder engine. However, all Civics from 2006-2015 are the same for this procedure.

Episode #202 - 9th Gen Honda Civic Wing Spoiler Installation (2012)
Our first 2012 Civic video. The newly designed wing spoiler for the 2012 definitely adds some flare to the rear end of the car. More at and