E46 Aux in

Aux In jungties įrengimas grotuvams, kurie gamykliškai neturi šios galimybės, neprarandant kasetės ar kitų funkcijų. Aux In installation without disabling Tape or any other functions for radios without original Aux In.

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BMW E46 Aux Installation DIY
Tutorial how to easily install Aux in BMW 3 Series E46.

E46 aux guide
Video for e46zone guide! www.e46zone.com/forum/

How to install aux on BMW e46
Sorry ididnt end the video my phone was dying . U just reinstall the stereo and the two screws and wood trim U can buy the aux cord from bavauto.com or Amazon

2001 BMW e46 325ci Auxiliary Input (fixed see description)
Problem Fixed. The software version for this radio is 41. It needs to be 43 in order to work with Aux Input (Says software version on a sticker on back, found out the hard way that the year the car was made, doesn't always reflect a model that will work). Had to buy another CD player. Also, the red cable is the antenna and I ended up not using it with the new unit.