SRT-4 MPX Exhaust and 3" O2 house

Modern Performance (catted) 3" Exhaust W/Bwoody 3" O2 house (HP racing)

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2005 SRT4 Stock Exhaust VS 3" MPX catless
Just a comparison of the stock Exhaust vs the MPX Exhaust...

neon srt4 mpx exhaust no cat loud
srt4 new mpx full Exhaust no cat straight pipes full 3" sounds amazing :)

SRT4 with MPX Exhaust
My SRT4 with an MPX Exhaust. Demonstration.

2004 SRT-4 neon mpx 3" exhaust before and after part 2
mpx 3" down pipe off turbo to the new down pipe that replaces the cat, the cat is gone, but start up with 2 pieces on the car