JRSC RSX-S 1/4 mile run 13.0@109mph

Jackson SuperCharged 7psi

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RSX supercharged at 12 psi with aftercooler 1/4 mile
rsx with jrsc at 12 psi with an aftercooler bcrh injen cai 3 inch Exhaust 1st run ever with the setup and 2nd time driving stick at the track tires are toyo proxes 4 tires with no tread. i went to the track to get a time before slicks and this is the only pass i got because my trans went out the 2nd pass.

06 rsx-s kpro 1/4 mile
rsx: kpro/CAI/70mm throttle/RRC/DCRH/Q300 no muffler/ 218/161 14.07@106.41

Supercharged RSX 12.8@109 MPH
Supercharged RSX 12.8@109 MPH

Acura RSX Turbo 1/4 Mile 12.44
380 WHP on 9 PSI running 12.44 at 109.71 MPH, 60ft 1.78