Part 1 Busa vs Ninja - Hayabusa vs ZX14 - Suzuki vs Kawasaki Bikes and Kings of the Street present a battle of the titans - the two fastest bikes ever made. Which one will take the mantle of world's fastest stock bike? BE SURE TO watch PART 2 also!

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Part 2 - Busa vs Ninja - Kawasaki vs Suzuki Hayabusa vs ZX14 and Kings of the Street line up the two fastest motorcycles to see who would take the roll on crown. The most intense action you'll see online.

Suzuki Hayabusa 2014 vs Kawasaki ZX14 2014 Top Speed

kawasaki zx14 vs hayabusa 09 k9
zx14 08 stock vs hayabusa 09 k9 stock --- kawasaki adelante , poco diferencia , muy parejas

HAYABUSA vs ZZR1400 - Helmet-cam
Suzuki Hayabusa (2009) vs. Kawasaki ZZR1400 (2013) Cam: Gopro Hero HD