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2007 Yamaha R1 Euro Style LED Running Light MOD + Headlight switch

2007 Yamaha R1 Euro Style LED Running Light MOD (Also fitted headlight switch)


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Audi R8 style lights on a Yamaha R1
Audi R8 style lights on a Yamaha R1. LED strip was installed and wired to operate as a turn signal as well as the running lights. I got the led strips from eBay; they are just 24 LED flexible strips. (Do a search there are hundreds) Next you will need 2 5 pin Bosch style relays. (Dont get the 4 pins they don't have an output for normally closed (87a) which is what you need for them to be running lights.) Next dismantle your bike down to just the headlights. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the head light on a cooking sheet and then in the oven for 7 minutes. Remove headlight and pry the housing apart, its pretty easy with the help of a flathead screwdriver. Next glue in your LED strips; I used high temp silicone RTV on mine you can experiment if you like. Once installed lightly press the housing back together and put it back in the oven for 7 minutes when its done you can press it firmly together and the clips will re-snap down. Now just reassemble your bike and wire them up! you can wire it like I did as alternating with the flasher or if you dont want it to flash you can ditch the relays and wire it to any keyed 12 volt source on your bike. I happen to have used the stock 12v running light power for the stock signals (a blue wire as I recall.) Do this at your own risk I accept no responsibility if you confuse Fahrenheit for Celsius and melt your damn headlights :) Have fun kids!

Yamaha R1 following a 350Z up Mulholland
A 2009 Yamaha R1 following a 350Z up Mulholland. Visit http://www.youtube.com/user/Adeysworld for videos of the Yamaha R1.

2005 Yamaha R1 Baffles angel eyes alarm halo y-pipe LED levers grips vortex rear sets
This is Roxy, my 2005 Yamaha R1. Just a video for other motorcycle enthusiasts to look at and get ideas for some things they could do to their bike. Enjoy.

2008 Yamaha R1 with Audi R8 style lights demo at dusk
This is a video response for those who wanted to see the bike with a digital flasher relay (I used a Custom LED, no affiliation) This brought the flash timing back to what the stock flash rate was on the bike. I still have no mirrors another year later and have still had no incidents. Im going to be posting a third video of the bike without the wide angle lens and when it is fully dark outside. Thanks for watching and if you like what you see please subscribe! One last thing, Every one please give a shout out to Kristina for being my helper and such a good sport, but please keep your comments clean 

2007-2008 Yamaha r1 STATOR FAULT not charging Regulator/Rectifier location read description!
O.k the story goes "for my bike" 1 morning go to my bike start it i hear a slight whining sound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4J4CJJfdg0&feature=player_detailpage and then riding it seemed to fade away on riding 4-5 revs on the dash next few days have past sound gone ride the bike round town like normal come home the following day try turn over the bike to start it not enough charge (low battery) put it on the charger register 12.7 volts on multi meter after charging it, start the bike all seemd good riding around for 2hrs everything is normal park the bike 10 min later the battery was flat seem to be bad battery or grumpy bike? waited 5 min the cells in the batteries bult up on its own? start the bike it turned on ride for 5-6 minutes dash instruments goes off acceleration was sluggish or nothing but had speed to 60kph then bike dies (less power than i had starting the bike and drained out to the max just about) call for a jump start rode 7 meters bike dies jump start again bike wont run after leads are of from the car jump starting the bike swap batteries with a full charge 12 volt battery bike ran like brand new! take it home loosing power on the way bike dies at home look at the volts with multi meter 4 volts left re charged it bike ran new and tested if power was charging the battery no 13-14.7 charge what so ever! knew ether stator or regulator 1 or the 2 done the tests and research from utube "how to vids" and found out the problem JUST LOADING MY STORY TO HELP OUT I GUESS? hope you like? the info and helps! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PevgFfi_oaY AND 2008 R1 MAYBE 2007 REGULATOR/RECTIFIER IS IN THE AIRBOX UNDER THE FILTER!!! and ***not resonator lol rectifier*** when im saying resonator i mean rectifier yolo :D

1986 VL Berlina Turbo Project

Yamaha R1 LED demon eye headlights w/ knight rider scanner
email: info@cincitydesigns.com

07-08 Yamaha R1 55w HID / CCFL / LED Headlight Retro-Fit by Sick HIDs
These R1 headlights have been fitted with 10,000k - 55w Digital HID Low Beams, Red CCFL Angel Eyes around projectors & marker lights have been upgraded to SMT High Power Red LEDs. This retro-fit is available for all years, makes & models...... any way you want it (built "custom" per order) @ www.sickhids.com

yamaha r1 08 mods part.1
Yamaha R1 07-08, with Yoshimura Exhaust pipes, competition werks fender-eliminator, clear alternatives integrated tail-light, Renthal Sprocket kit, RK Chain(520), power commander III USB, K&N race air filter, Pazzo lever's, Hypro adjustable steering damper, MRA double bubble screen, YZF-R1 emblem hand-grips,annodized bar-end caps+ more to be added soon.

Built Evo vs Yamaha R1 Highway Race
Built Mitsubishi Evo on meth vs a Yamaha R1 with a 170lbs Rider Race on the Highway racing over 120mph..

4 YAMAHA R1 Try to impress Crowds+Lambo!
These yamaha r1 were seriously trying to impress the crowds by doing burnouts although one failed quite a few times trying. Intro by http://www.emanuelemonaco.com

2009 yamaha R1 Raven
not sure who the guy was that was talking to me, but the show must go on!!!

Angry Motorcycle Rider
I dont think he likes that i cut lanes.. lol Also thinkinh he thought i said cunt, and not " its cold " :) all good fun. the punches dont hurt cause of the padding. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AridersLifeOfficial Camera: Drift Innovations HD170 - Stealth - 720p Motorbike: 1998 Honda Hornet CB600f Edited with Final Cut Pro X on mac Helmet, KBC www.motovlog.com steam - kylereesedn38416

Mulholland HWY - R1 follows Aprilia Tuono, Ducati 1198 and MV Agusta F4 1000
http://instagram.com/adeysworld List of gear I use: http://pinterest.com/adeysworld/bikelife/ Twitter @adeysworld http://www.facebook.com/adeyemi.bennett

YZF R1 08' 240Wide Tire Custom/Quad Projector HID Head lights@StillRollin'modellart

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