My Old 5.0 Mustang with X303 Camshaft

X303 Cam

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5.0L Ford Mustang Camshaft Selection - Summit Racing Quick Flicks
We've taken the guesswork out of choosing a camshaft for your Ford 5.0L. This comprehensive video provides some general guidelines for choosing a cam for stock 5.0L engines (in the 300-horsepower or less range)—and covers additional upgrades to consider to maximize the performance of your new camshaft. It also covers camshafts designed for more aggressive performance (340 horsepower and up) as well as necessary upgrades for higher-duration, higher-lift cams—aftermarket torque converter, higher gear ratio, higher-flowing fuel system, etc.

3V Camshaft Swap
Part 2 of 4 (Camshaft Removal) Performed on 2006 Mustang GT

2002 Mustang V6 camshaft synchro 3
part 3 of 3 check out my other Mustang, she's a 2005 cervini Eleanor GT

Mustang F cam Idle
87 Mustang notch with F303 cam and TFS top end kit