Chrome Chrysler Crossfire with AMG wheels

Read the description for more info. This is a Chrysler Crossfire with a chrome wrap on it. It was also standing on 19" AMG wheels. Quite the odd combination I guess but it was for advertising the company who specializes in chrome wraps. This car was spotted at the 2011 Importfest Montreal. For those who don't know what a wrap is, it is essentially a cover you put over your car's already painted surfaces that can be of any desired color and can have decals on it just like if it were paint. If professionally done, a wrap can cost thousands of dollars. It can also be easily removed and noticed by looking under the hood and inside the door frames.

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Restyle It - - Chrysler Crossfire Chrome Wrap
Chrysler Crossfire Chrome Wrap - Unveiled at Importfest 2011 the first chrome wrapped car in Canada Produced by KarmaComa Studio ( wrapped to perfection treat your car to an exclusive exterior/interior make over

My Chrysler Crossfire (inspired by motown philly)
ywu mtp!

1930's Hemi HotRod Drag racing and Burnout
Click for more info: As seen in the video, this is a hot rod fitted with a blower which ran 9.38 at it's fastest. The car is fully street legal.