Best Ever Bike Crashes Caught On Tape

OUCH, i feel bad for them but... lets get to the important stuff, please subscribe for more videos

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When things go wrong
Hey! This is my first attempt in this type of video so all the helpful advices are welcome. It's a mix of speed (mostly stunt) and motocross crashes. I tried not to collect videos from here (it could be a bit boring if you've already seen them separately), so they are from other sources. And by the way, this is my first widescreen YouTube video, don't forget to watch it in high quality if you can! =) Music: In Flames - The Quiet Place

Rider running from the cops ends in a fatality crash

NEW 2013 RARE FOOTAGE - BAD Car Crashes Caught on Camera .. OUCH
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Angry little man Road Rage 'do do do'
Camberwell Road Rage incident More road rage video - learner driver causes traffic jam and gets it from another driver