Datsun 210 walk around.

Title describes the video.

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Datsun 210 Test Run | Game Of Death
So "Chip" of Split Second crew, also known as Game Of Death to the breakin scene, tested his 1980 Datsun 210 to try out it's full potential on his street. Check out what it could do! Need more full footage of it, so you all can see it fully driven, but that is coming soon! By the way, this is a project car. Driver: "Chip" (Game Of Death) Camera/Editor: Jazzy Jo Music: "After light" - Rustie

79 Datsun 210(b310)
Cold morning, curious if anyone can identify the seats.

Datsun 210 de Antulio (Kimber) con Michelle Echevarría en Aguada
Music: "Pulse" By George Ellinas Copyrighted Material

Datsun B210 running absolutely perfect.
I finally got this thing running perfect. It idles at the right rpm, and doesnt miss and doesnt require any choke anymore.