Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon IV 3.0

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Mitsubishi pajero wagon

Sand tracks first test on Pajero IV
SPECIALLY FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING CRITICS Thank you for all your comments but: 1. I think I know enough about tires pressure. 2. It is funny that someone talks about road tires... FYI: tread means nothing on sand FYI2: It is Continental cross contact AT that is great tires for moderate offroad 3. I did not stick. I've just tried sandtracks that I bought that day. The comments on 25th second on Russian is telling that I've got success to escape but then decided to escape with help of sandtracks Video is just a test of sandtracks - nothing else :)

Покатуха Паджеро клуба 20.02.2012.wmv
На машине с которой велась съёмка на всех колёсах установлены цепи противоскольжения.

Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon 2014 - Pro100 Auto Test
Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon 3.2 Dizel