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LP1 first engine runs

Running the LP1's engine for the first time. Engine is an LS1.


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Longer Vid of first production Carbon fibre Furio Aircraft
Longer Vid of first production Carbon fibre Falcomposite Furio Aircraft under construction in auckland new zealand

Jay Leno's 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special 22 Liter WWI Aero Aircraft Engine
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Rare Bear & Friends, Reno 2003, the record setting Heat Race
I decided to throw up this old video (filmed using my old equipment) just because I always thought The huge 3 blade prop on the Bear sounded so wicked at speed.

LP1 aircraft LS1 engine first prop run
The LP1 experimental aircraft. First prop run at zero thrust setting.

homemade plane
This is my homebuilt Ultralight plane that I've been working on for two years, It's got 8.2hp, weighs around 70kg and it's got a 5.5M wing span and this is its progress so far...

Supermarine MK26B LS2 V8 430hp

Glasair: Build an airplane in two weeks
Glasair's "Two Weeks To Taxi" program has been approved by the FAA. Pilots can now build their own experimental category "homebuilt" aircraft with the help of Glasair technicians inside of two weeks vacation time.

LP1 LS1 engine taxi tests
The LP1 experimental aircraft on it's second taxi tests.

400 HP Corvette V8 Engine in a Cessna 172 - experimental
Quiet Aviation has put the convenience, power and reliability of Detroit's best engineering into a complete package that can be installed in a variety of experimental aircraft. Visit www.quietaviation.com to learn more about this unique and groundbreaking aviation technology.

The LP1 Aircraft Services General Aviation - Check Out The Airplane Window Molds Being Made
The LP1 aircraft services General Aviation and has the design goal of "beating the airlines". It's slow work developing an aircraft, as you can see from something simple like this video where we make the aircraft window molds out of fiberglass and nomex honeycomb core. It's slow work to make such a fast airplane! We expect a 385 mph cruise while only burning 14.gph, either 100LL or Premium auto-gas can be used. These molds are fiberglass but the entire aircraft is carbon fiber.

LP1 first taxi test
The LP1 experimental aircraft, first taxi test.

The "Flying Millyard" first test run
This is the first test run of my 5 litre V Twin engine based on two Pratt & Whitney R1340 aircraft cylinders, all other parts are hand made including the crankshaft, con rods and crankcase wooden moulds, the crankcases were then cast in aluminium. The engine runs a dry sump with twin pumps, twin SU carbs, points ignition with manual advance / retard and twin plugs per head.

Lingenfelter 358 CID LSx Flat Plane Crank Engine
This video is our new 358 CID LSx flat plane crank race engine for our new white Gen V Camaro SS. Putting out 621 horsepower @ 9,000 RPM running NA. Next up installing the 76 MM Garrett turbo!

LP1 faster taxi test
All landing gear functioning well, no issues. Strong cross wind seemed easy to deal with.

RUN AWAY Detroit Diesel! 453-T
DD 453-T runs away! rack gets stuck on valve cover. almost lost some fingers too, it was all i could find. F'ed up new turbo compressor wheel, was only damage thankfully!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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