Vins xB vs Matt's turbo honda accord

matts honda has 9psi but is quick. and we wanted to see what it would do against vins xB, non-turbocharged & non-supercharged. its pretty cool race.

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xB2 vs turbo xB1 @ TMS
Murasaki xB2 vs xB1 running about 4lbs of Boost. The xB2 beat this guy in a street race and ever since he has been asking for a fair race to get some revenge.

Frankin boost Scion XB
On this epesode we work on a 2007 scion xb, turbo kit and Exhaust. we call it frankinBoost !! youll see why.

Scion xb supercharged burnout valleyfield part 1/3
1-burnout 2-burnout 3-trace Scion xb 2006 supercharged nitro

Rutledge Wood Burnout in his 2jz RWD Scion Xb
Rutledge Wood stopped by the Enjuku Racing storefront to pick up a Spec clutch for his 2jz RWD converted, Papadakis built Scion Xb. But before leaving he laid down some tire in our parking lot...because why not? If you're like Rut and need some parts for your Scion, we've got them: