Japfest 2011 Supra Mkiv Group

Japfest 2011 Mkiv Group

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Tampa Supra Meet 2012
Supra meet at Induction Performance in Tampa, FL. January 22nd, 2012 **THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE WATCHED THE VIDEO!!!!! Sorry again for the shakiness....i dont have a stabilizer :/ S/O TO THE SUPRA LOVERS!!!!! Im a proud MK3 Owner :) (1jz swapped)

2012 Powercruise Darwin T78 Supra "MK IV" Vs VE commodore & AE86
Cruising in a friends T78 Supra and racing a few cars down the straight at hidden valley, running a mild tune on 16psi. commodore has 500rwhp and the 86 has over 300rwhp.

Toyota Supra vs Ferrari Enzo

Rollouts Japfest, Skyline's, Supra's, NSX, S2000's 20 minutes of AWESOME!
#TwoBeardsOneCar is a show of two beards with guys attached to them, working on their cars. watch their latest adventure with one of their cars. They will show you how to, but mostly how not to do stuff dosed with a lot of weird humour We went to film the rollouts at Japfest assen 2016. A cheap way to see lots of cool cars! We are made possible by: http://www.werkenmetmerken.nl/ Have fun, like, comment and subscribe Also check out our Facebook, Instagram, and twitter pages www.facebook.com/TwoBeardsOneCar www.instagram.com/twobeardsonecar Twitter: @twobeardsonecar cars the beards currently own: 2001 AlfaRomeo 156 Sportwagon 1.9jtd 1990 Nissan Sunny Florida Wagon B12 1990 Nissan Sunny 3 door Hatch N13 Note: all of the music is original. written, composed, recorded and played by us