Japfest 2011 Supra Mkiv Group

Japfest 2011 Mkiv Group

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Japfest 2011 Short Film
First video ever uploaded before i started learning about video making.. A short coverage of the 2011 Japfest Car Festival on May 14th at Castle Combe Race Circuit Thanks to Ben Cleave & the Honda Haters Inc for their part in the video :)

1050WHP MK4 Toyota Supra
The local Cars N Coffee has been bring out some pretty serious horsepower cars! This 1994 Toyota Supra's engine was built by the famous Titan Motorsports ( www.titanmotorsports.com ) and is pushing over 1050WHP with a MASSIVE turbo. ( I beleive it's a T88 ) Want Pictures? - http://razzi.me/Kinger124 Want Exclusive Facebook Updates? - http://www.facebook.com/Kinger124sCarChannel

20 year Toyota Supra Mkiv Anniversary Warwick UK
Some footage of us convoying down to the meet and back. Was a great day.

NA Supra - Custom Cat-back Exhaust
NA Supra with a custom ca-back Exhaust on a stock 2JZ. Nice clean sound with some backfire and crackle