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VTR SP1 vs CB1300SF



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CB1300 0~200kph som

CB1300SF フルパワー
09'CB1300SFをフルパワー化した状態を紹介します。 必要なパーツ・マフラー(音質視聴)等を交換し、新規 追加したパーツを含みます。馬力は標準大気圧(1013),外 温18度のもと後輪測定にて約126psです。


Le Tourist Trophy, les jeux du cirque ? ( video contenu officiel moto journal )
For our foreign fans, you can go to our new english channel named Motorcycle videos by Moto Journal https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4qmra3vNzPdpoC-LNQ7oLw Le Tourist Trophy, pinacle du sport moto, capitale de la course sur route , the only place for Heroes, comme ils disent là-bas (le seul circuit pour les vrais héros). Rossi, et Lorenzo, les dieux du MotoGP, reconnaissent eux-mêmes qu'ici, sur cette route fermée longue de 60 km, avalée à + de 210 km/h de moyenne entre maisons, arbres et champs, personne ne triche ! Pourtant, le TT, c'est plus de 200 morts depuis sa création voilà 103 ans. Alors, le TT : grande boucherie organisée ou ultime espace de liberté pour les chevaliers des temps modernes ? La réponse revient aux spectateurs et aux pilotes bien sûr !

2008.9.3 鈴鹿サーキット走行会 CB1300SF
2008.9.3 クシタニの鈴鹿サーキット走行会です。 走行クラスはB-1 先導付です。天候はパラパラ雨で たが、路面コンディションはドライです。 車種 CB1300SF SC54 フルパワー仕様 撮影 パナソニック ルミックスFX8 動画撮影モー

VTR1000 SP-1 納車直後スライド
納車したてのタイヤはワックスでツルツル みんなも気をつけよう 横の車が神反応してくれたおかげで事故になりませんで した


Honda RC51 SP2 With Jardine Titanium 2:1 and Moto GP Carbon Fiber can with Titanum end caps
02 RC51 With 2:1 Jardine system, Moto GP can from Mark -240mm, Turn one air box, PCIII USB, bunch of other goodies... This is ALOT louder then it seems!!!!



CB1300ワンメイクツー箱根 Vo.1
090419 CB1300(SC54)のみによる箱根ワンメイクツーリングのその1

HONDA VTR1000 SP1 VS CBR1000RR CB1300SF FTR 250 ホンダ
日本初のダチョウ料理専門店、 ライダーズカフェMACHⅢ 大阪府堺市美原区北余部469-6 TEL&FAX072-361ー3171 http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~maltuha/index.html 店休日のお知らせ、 毎月第一火曜日その翌日が店休日になります The motorcycle which Honda Motor produces Honda / FTR (an F tea are) and sells. There are sold 250cc model and 223cc model of an existing car model once. When I say FTR now, I point at 223cc model generally. It was exhibited as a reference exhibition car (I am to market it, car) by Tokyo mortor show of 2007. When a commercial car was announced at this time, there is not a large change, and it is it when simple as well as other street system motorcycles. Basic constitution is a lot common to with FTR which is brothers car. Frame an engine (MD33E) / a carburetor (VE3DA) and a part of decoration become FTR when common, but plan differentiation with FTR223 of the appearance that I change coloring / decoration, and was conscious of off-road system motorcycle so that CB223S is made as a retro system street motorcycle. Honda / CBR1000RR (the double are that I do not make sea B are) is four parallel cylinders, a motorcycle of 998cc cubic centimeter displacement of the CBR series done of release [1] as a succeeding car from March 31, 2004 of CBR954RR of Honda Motor. A pet name of Fireblade( fire blade) is given an export model. A CB1300 super forehand (CB1300 SUPER FOUR, CB1300SF) is the motorcycle which Honda Motor sells from 1998; (an export vehicle is sold by a name of CB1300 abroad). Honda / VTR1000 SP-1/2 is an article for export markets motorcycle of two four stroke V type cylinder 999cc engine deployment in one of the VTR series that Honda Motor releases. (Only a car for exclusive use of the competition that is impossible of public road registration sells it in Japan)In addition, I sell it by a name to call RC51 which imaged a model of a works racer with North America specifications, but an official car name is RVT1000R. By the way, a real model of this motorcycle is SC45. It is the model whom Honda Motor developed as a next participation vehicle for the super motorcycle world championship for RVF750(RC45). For the reason why I chose V twin as not V4 which I used so far, * (Of development those days)Displacement volume upper limit 4 of regulation was 750cc with a cylinder, but it is for the V twin to have been 1,000cc * In comparison with V4, plan simplification of lightweighting and structure of a vehicle in race regulation * A limit of development of the V4 engine which matured for a long time. * Influence of a rival (Ducati) adopting two 90 degrees V type cylinders. In ※ Ducati company, it is expressed with L twin. It is given が. I adopted an expensive frame of the hardness that let an aluminum frame link trass in SP-1, but I improve a frame in SP-2 and there is no proper degree and may give you it because I am too firm and in this situation was hard to treat it adversely. In addition, regulation of WSB is changed, and four cylinder cars play CBR1000RR from 2004 because the upper limit became 1,000cc.

Yamaha R1 Turbo Vs Honda VTR 1000
The Yamaha gets so much speed from the turbo that is goes up on its back wheel. Yamaha R1 turbo bike riding along with a Honda VTR 1000.


Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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