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Dyno Day 2009 forced Induction 776rwhp owned by Colrado's Eric Madson Impressive machine! to say the least

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Pety Fuser Fusca mais rapido da America Latina
New Beetle (fusca) XTM 235 test motor Pauter Machine na grid race team.

Hot VW Drag Day 2013
HOT VW DRAG DAY in Irwindale! Yes it's time to release the angry bees again. Sorry about the video quality. My HD camcorder broke and I had to revert to a regular DV cam. Hope to have a new camcorder before the next upload. Skip to 6:00 if you want to just see the racing. Skip to 15:22 if you want to see a driver save what could have been an ugly spin. Like and ENJOY!

Rancho Dyno Session 2009: Eric Madsen Pt.. 2
Eric Madsen's second Dyno pull at Rancho Performance Transaxles in Fullerton, CA. Watch out for the little bit of flames coming out of the tailpipe!

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